Nach Baliye 8 6th May 2017 Written Episode

Nach Baliye 8 6th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

This week on Nach Baliye, Parineeti Chopra and Anshuman Khurana come to the sets. Divyanka and Vivek will tell about their favorite film. Bharti’s life secret will reveal. Mohit and Sanaya perform reminding us of soldiers at war.

Comedian comes and says Sona coming soon….and gets sad. Sanaya, Divyanka and Abigail talk about her syndrome. Comedian says she will not shoot without Sona. Karan comes and says Sona is here. She reacts happily and goes to stage holding aarti plate. Sonakshi Sinha comes to the stage. Comedian does her aarti. Terence and Mohit says we missed you. Sonakshi says she missed all. Karan asks her to take the seat.

Karan says lets call upon our first Jodi of today, Brent with his partner Aashka.


They dance on the song Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi ……………….from the film “AIRLIFT”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says both of you were amazing. The story you presented was beautiful to watch.

Mohit: says you have slapped chemistry on me, and tells that it was all perfect form.

Terence: says the choreography feel was free and it was in organic form. He says well done.

Scores: Sonakshi 10 Mohit 10 , Terence 9= Total 29

Karan asks Brent what was his thought when he saw her family for the first time. Brent tells that when he met his future in laws, and thought they would hold their baby some day and talks emotionally. Aashka’s mom praises Brent and tells that he will soon learn Gujrati also.
Karan says you both are not safe.

Ayushman Khurana and Parineeti Chopra come to the stage to promote their film. Both of them sing a song from their film. Sonakshi says welcome to Nach Baliye 8.


They dance on the song Ladke O Re Ladke Kahaan Se Aaya Hai …Ghagra ……………….from the film “YEH JAAWANI HAI DEEWANI”. Divyanka is dressed as Mohini and Vivek as Michael Jackson.

Judges Comments:

Ayushman says what a jugalbandi, your chemistry is hilarious and amazing.
Sonakshi: says you have danced well, but it could be more better,

Mohit: No Comments.

Terence: says your moon walk was good, and tells that signatures moves didn’t look like a Michael Jackson moves. He says honeymoon mood is over, you have to do better.

Scores: Sonakshi 7, Mohit 9 , Terence 8= Total 24

Karan says you are safe and on number 1 position. Divyanka says this is unexpected. Karan says let’s play game with you and calls lemon and chalk. He asks them to write answer on the slate and whoever answers wrong have to eat lemon. He asks which film Divyanka can watch many times. Vivek writes Superman while Divyanka writes Sadma . Sonakshi asks him to have lemon. For next question, Divyanka answers wrong and Vivek makes her have lemon. They make Karan have lemon then.


They dance on the music presenting their emotions on knowing about the attack in Mumbai 2008. They are shot dead at the end of the performance. Their children call them and asks where are you both. There is a moment of silence on the stage as everyone get emotional seeing their act.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi: says you presented the act well and it reminded and effected everyone in some way.

Mohit: asks did anyone was effected with the attack . Sanaya tells that gun shots was so scary and tells that she is blessed and thankful to God for getting what they are today.

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Terence: says I want to salute choreographer, Suri Saheb and the last you have proved that you are amazing actors, really unbelievable. He thanks the soldiers for making country safe.

Scores: Sonakshi 10, Mohit 10, Terence 9= Total 29
Karan says you both are safe.

He asks all jodis to come on stage, lift their baliye on their back and get the balls and collect in the box. Aashka and Brent win the balls competition. Bharti jokes that English men won before also and today also.

Precap: The rest of the jodis perform on the stage. Bharti gives emotional performance.


No Precap.

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