Spoiler – Chandni gets justice for Advay’s parents in IPKKND3

Spoiler: (05-10-2017) Chandni gets justice for Advay’s parents in IPKKND3 only on ATechSky.com

Maasi fills anger and hatred in Advay’s heart for Chandni. He packs Chandni’s bags and decides to kick her out of his house. He can’t forgive her for his parents death. Police informs Advay that his parents are declared innocent, and they were framed by Chandni’s parents. Inspector tells him that Chandni has filed complaint against her parents, and finally his parents got justice. Chandni does her duty towards Advay. Chandni feels guilty on her part. She decides to leave from Advay’s life and apologizes to her. Advay wishes to stop her, but doesn’t. Chandni gets emotional. She accepts her mistakes. Advay thinks of Chandni after she leaves.
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Indrani scolds Chandni for backstabbing them and sending them to jail. Chandni answers her well. She feels sorry that Indrani was always wrong. She has always loved Indrani as her real mum. She tells Indrani that she can never forgive her. She hates Indrani and ends her relation with Indrani. Chandni shares the ugly truth with her sisters. Chandni feels Advay has never taken revenge from them, but just tried to get justice for his parents. She doesn’t want to hurt him more by her presence. Chandni sacrifices her love. Advay learns the bigger truth about Chandni giving her name to Meghna’s child. Advay realizes Chandni was totally innocent.

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