Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

He drives car ahead and shows his face colored. He wishes inspector happy independence day. Inspector says I have to check your car. Dhruv takes gun out. Inspector goes to check message from control room and asks Dhruv to go. Dhruv sees Bihaan in his car mirror. He tells inspector that the bike guy was talking about bomb blast etc, just check him.


Bihaan shouts to Dhruv to stop. Police stops him and checks him. Bihaan says I have to go after that car. Thapki sees Bihaan and cries.

Dhruv gets Thapki to some new place, an old deserted mill. She says leave him and cries. He says we are going to get married here, go and get ready, I want my bride to look best, don’t try to run away now. She thinks how to get out from here. Dhruv goes. She gets a kite and writes message for Bihaan. She prays that the kite reaches Bihaan. Bihaan says I m Bihaan Pandey, Balwinder Pandey’s son. Inspector says why did you not say before and asks him to go. The kite flies to Bihaan. He reads Thapki’s message, of the place, old mill. He thinks mill is nearby.

Dhruv asks Thapki did she get ready and knocks door. He says don’t make me helpless, I will get angry. Thapki comes to him. He says you did not get ready, anyways you look beautiful, all rituals are done, just one phera is remaining, then you will be mine, its our marriage today. She slaps him and asks what marriage, you became an animal. He says I m animal right, and hurts her by twisting her hand. She screams and cries. He says you have seen my love, now see my madness, I will marry you, come, we will do ghatbandhan now, I m your Dhruv Sir, your first love, come. She does not move. Dhruv holds her hand and forces her. Bihaan reaches there and gets angry seeing Dhruv. Thapki runs to Bihaan and hugs him. Dhruv and Bihaan have a fight.

Dhruv falls down. The family reaches there. Thapki cries and hugs Vasundara. Vasundara says we all are with you. Bau ji asks Bihaan to take everyone and go home, I will send this animal to jail. Dhruv gets a knife and gets up. He stabs Bihaan’s leg. Everyone get shocked. Dhruv holds Thapki and asks everyone to move back. He says either I will die or my enemy, Thapki is mine, she is my first love. Vasundara says we are your family.

Dhruv laughs and asks is family such. He cries and says where was my family, when my mother, brother and wife cheated me, you all ended my life, I will make Thapki mine, even if I have to kill you all. Bihaan shouts Dhruv. Dhruv says move back. Bau ji says Dhruv, we can’t change whatever happened. Dhruv says it can be changed Bau ji, I will take the last round with Thapki.


Dhruv scolds them and asks them to go inside, else he will kill Thapki. He aims gun at Thapki. He asks Shraddha to go fast. She asks why should I go, I m here to help you, I don’t like them, you punish them, they are fools. Dhruv asks Shraddha to stand quiet. He pushes Thapki towards Bihaan. He presses the remote and some poisonous gas starts filling in that room. Bihaan asks what are you doing. Dhruv says I have put everything on stake, everyone will die in 5mins. Everyone start coughing. Bihaan gets shocked.

Bihaan and Thapki take the reverse rounds. Vasundara shouts Dhruv and shoots.



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