Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan trying to stop Thapki and says whatever you said is a lie, I knew it, and asks him not to leave him. Thapki turns her face. Kabir says lets go. He takes Thapki and baby with him. Aditi comes to Bihaan and says Bihaan ji. He stops his bike and tells Aditi that he don’t believe Thapki. Aditi tells her everything that Sankara and Shraddha are behind Thapki’s lie. Bihaan shouts Sankara and gets angry. He asks Aditi to sit on his bike. They follow ambulance. Shraddha says there is only one way and hits Aditi and Bihaan with a truck. They fall unconscious and severely wounded. Shraddha says what they thought that they will stop Thapki and says Thapki have to go from here so that we can rule on Pandey house.

After 7 years…….

Suman and Preeti are

seen decorating the house. Balwinder asks if the decoration is done. Preeti says when thapki left from here, Aditi also died in an accident. Aditi’s pic is shown with garland on it. They call Anu..Anu comes and says she will use rod to hand the balloons. Balwinder says she is very matured grand daughter. Suman says she is Aditi’s daughter, and that Shraddha’s son Veer is mischievous. Veer comes and breaks something. Suman tells that she couldn’t understand how clever Shraddha’s son can be so innocent, while Aditi’s daughter is so clever. Balwinder asks where is the birthday girl. Sankara and Shraddha scares Tina (Thapki’s other daughter) and asks where is she? Tina is hiding under the bed. They leave. Tina comes out seeing them leaving, but to her horror, they return and look angrily at her. Shraddha holds her hand tightly and asks her to come out. She asks why you are scared, you should be happy. Tina cries and says I am very happy.

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Sanakra says she is like her mum…Her mum used to get Thapki and she will get Thapki from us. She pats on her shoulder and asks her to get ready in the birthday dress. Sankara asks her to get ready so that she don’t forget her birthday. Shraddha eyes her evilly. She makes Tina get ready and hurts her while combing her hairs. Shraddha tortures her a lot and asks her not to shout else she will pull all her hairs. Veer and Anu come to Tina and asks her to come and says Dadu is calling you. Veer says Mamma will not refuse and asks her to come. Shraddha says of course. They take Tina. Shraddha tells Sankara that Tina used to talk nonstop, but she is stammering now because of their tortures. Sankara says she is enjoying this moment. She says what if Thapki returns. Shraddha says if she comes then nobody will recognize you. Sankara says you have killed Aditi 7 years back, and but thankfully Bihaan was saved. Shraddha says he died also, as he is changed now and B is not for Bihaan…but B for Badla.

Pankaj comes to take cake for Tina. Some goon take the cake and says it is my birthday too. Pankaj asks him to return the cake. Goon asks what you will do? Bihaan says I will tell you..he asks him to return the cake else. Other goon says Bihaan Pandey is a dangerous vasooli goon. Bihaan says I am asking you to return the cake for last time. Bihaan takes the cake and goes. The goons run after Bihaan to beat him. Pankaj calls Balwinder. Bihaan makes the goons slip and comes home, but goons follow him and come there. Bihaan asks them to leave from there. Goon asks him to make him have cake with his hand…Bihaan looks on.

Thapki comes home and sees darkness in the house. Her daughter hits the balloon and says Ghajab….Thapki smiles.


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