Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Kabir to play fair game and says you will fall in your own eyes and even in my eyes, she asks him to show some honesty. Kabir looks on as he is affected by her words. Bihaan and Suman are batting. Suman asks him not to worry and says she will not out. Vasu comments that Bihaan’s team made 180 runs, lets see which team wins the match. Neha is watching match and clapping. Vasu says this match is ego for someone, self esteem for other, love for someone and hatred for other…She says Bihaan’s team will have to make 9 runs in this last over which is quite difficult. Kabir compromises with the ball and gives it in Thapki’s hand telling her that he is sure she will make him win. He thinks ball will swing now. Thapki looks at Bihaan’s condition as he is in

pain due to shoulder dislocation.

Thapki throws the ball. Suman waste the ball. Bihaan says you have wasted the ball and says this is last over. Suman says don’t know what happened. She wastes one more ball. Bihaan asks her to make 1 run and come to that side. Vasu comments asking Bihaan to focus. Thapki throws the ball. It hits on his shoulder. Bihaan screams in pain. Kabir asks Thapki to play fair game and support him. Vasu says Bihaan have to make two runs now. Bihaan and Suman manage to make 2 runs. Kabir says run out. Umpire says not out. Vasu says 1 ball is left, and 6 runs are needed. She says only 6 runs can save Bihaan now, else Kabir will win. Kabir looks on. Bihaan removes his safety helmet. Everyone see the game anxiously. Thapki throws the ball.

Bihaan recalls Kabir’s challenge that if he wins the match then he can win the house, else he will lose everything. He hits the ball with full on speed. Everyone see the ball flying up in the sky. Kabir gears to catch the ball…..He finally catches it and dances happily celebrates his win. Thapki and others are shocked. Bihaan, Thapki, Vasu and others cry. Preeto says we have lost, we have lost our awesome bungalow. Kabir lifts Thapki in his arms and swirls with her. Bihaan is shattered with the defeat, and collapses on ground. Kabir celebrates his win. Vasu cries hugging her sons. Kabir says excuse me guys and goes. Neha calls Kabir and follows some other man. Announcer announces that Thapki’s team won the team and she proved to be lucky. He asks her to come on stage and get the trophy. Bihaan, Dhruv and others are in tears.

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Thapki goes on stage. Kabir also goes on stage and says may I…He tells that it was impossible to win this match without Thapki’s support. He says she was absolutely brilliant in the last over and congratulates her. He asks her to make him win always in every fight in life. Bihaan looks on sad. Kabir says I told you that you can never win this match from me. He asks host to give trophy to their captain Thapki. Bihaan goes on stage and tells host that he wants to give this trophy to Thapki if he is okay with it. Host agrees. Bihaan says you must be very happy today after winning the house and making everyone of us homeless. He says congrats for your win. Thapki cries. Host says one min Bihaan and asks him to make Thapki wear the winning title tag. Kabir stops him and asks him to make him wear this. Sankara smirks happily, as Bihaan is emotionally hurt.

Thapki is ringing the bell in the temple. Neha comes and falls down there shouting for help. Thapki helps her get up and moves her hairs. She is shocked to see Neha and confirms with her if she is Kabir’s sister. Neha says yes. Thapki is shocked.


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