Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids playing. Thapki asks them not to play with the things. Veer says it is my sword. Suman says it is not. Bihaan comes and asks why they are upset. He gives wood sticks to everyone for holika dahan. Thapki and Bihaan are having an eye lock. Sankara’s pally is stuck. She thinks Bihaan held her pallu and asks him to leave her Pallu. Bihaan smiles. Sankara gets angry seeing Ram Pyaari chewing her dupatta. Thapki says she made everyone laugh even though she became joke. Sankara gets angry and pushes Tina calling her chuk chuk jaadi. Thapki is going towards Tina. Bihaan holds her dupatta. Thapki thinks it is Ram Pyaari and asks it to leave her dupatta. She turns and sees Bihaan holding her dupatta. Ranjhana song plays…..Everyone looks on happily. Bihaan apologizes to her

and says he stopped her so that nail in the wood don’t pierce into her foot. Thapki thanks him.

Preeti asks kids to come inside. Thapki helps Tina make paper boat and motivates her to share her feelings with her like her mum. She recalls her father’s words and asks Tina to share her feelings. Tina tells that the letter which she wrote…Shraddha comes and calls Tina. Tina gets scared and goes. Thapki realizes Shraddha is behind it and drinks water/juice kept there angrily. Just then she feels dizzy and falls. Shraddha holds her and takes her somewhere. She ties Thapki there and says she gave her strong sedative and she will be unconscious for hours, says you can’t stop Sankara from doing puja with Bihaan.

Sankara comes there and sees Thapki. She thinks if Thapki wakes up when they are doing puja. She thinks to kill Thapki. She thinks to ask Shraddha, but then thinks she will not say anything if Thapki dies. Sankara takes out Thapki from car garage or something. Sankara takes her out from there. Bihaan calls her. Sankara hides Thapki and runs to Bihaan. Bihaan says Suman is calling you and asks where is Tina. Sankara hides Thapki’s dupatta and asks Bihaan to go, says she will come in sometime.

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Shraddha thinks everyone will wait for Thapki, but she will not come. Vasu worries for Thapki. Preeti tells that Thapki is missing. Dhruv says she is habituated to go without telling us, we shall not worry for her. Shraddha says he is right and says Sankara is coming. Sankara comes with crackers and tells that she will celebrate Diwali and holika dahan together. She asks Bihaan to light the holika and recalls keeping Thapki in holika woods to make her burn with holika. Shraddha asks Bihaan to light holika as his to be wife is asking him. Dhruv says he wants him to light the holika. Bihaan lights the match stick. Sankara thinks you have given fire to Thapki and says she will be Swaha. She asks Bihaan to do puja with her. Bihaan senses something is wrong. Thapki gains consciousness, gets shocked and makes a wood fall down. Bihaan happens to see Thapki and shouts Thapki. Everyone is shocked seeing Thapki inside the burning holika dahan.
Bihaan tries to save Thapki, but sees burning woods. Thapki is still stuck inside.


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