Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara telling that Bihaan is her husband now, and she tried to take Thapki’s place in his heart, and made all possible attempts to make him win the match, but suddenly realizes that if Bihaan wins then he will get the house. She says Thapki will stay in the same house, so she thought to make him lose, and moves the border rope back. Bihaan actually hits 6 runs, but because of Sankara, Kabir catches ball and Bihaan loses. Bihaan looks at Thapki with teary eyes. Kabir asks Thapki to tell them to vacate the house, when she made him win. Thapki cries and thinks how to ask her Bihaan and family to go. She says no….Neha is walking on road. Thapki is sitting in a small tree temple and asks God to show a way. Dog barks and follows Neha. Neha runs to save herself and comes

near Thapki and falls down. Thapki hears the sound and turns. Neha shouts for help. Dog barks. Thapki makes the dog go away and helps Neha get up from ground. She asks are you fine? Neha cries. Thapki sees Neha and recalls seeing her pic. She recalls Kabir saying that his sister is dead. She asks Neha if she is Kabir’s sister. Neha asks where is Bhaiyya, I am very scared. Thapki looks at the God.

At Pandey house, everyone get ready to leave with their bags. Kabir is seen sitting on a big sofa and enjoys the band baaja. He gives money to band baaja people. Preeti says it would have been good if we had taken 50 Lakhs rupees. Vasu looks angrily. Bihaan also hears her. Preeti keeps quiet. Kabir says I thought to celebrate for your loss. He tells Bihaan that he got a big loss and a punishment also. He says my wife Thapki will kick you out of this house now. Vas says Kabir have won, but you haven’t won home, but a lifeless house. She says Pandey family can never be homeless, wherever we stand together, that will be our house. Sankara says you said right and I will support you always. I am unlike Thapki who is kicking you out of house. Vasu is irked with her. Vasu says you don’t know about family’s strength as you don’t have a family. Kabir says I have a family. Thapki comes and says he has a family and that is Neha. Neha comes. Kabir is shocked to see her.

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Bihaan and others see Neha. Bihaan recalls Kabir telling that his younger sister is dead. Neha says Bhaiyya and runs to Kabir. She hugs him and cries. He asks how did your reach here. Neha says I followed you and asks why did you leave me. Preeti asks if she is Kabir’s sister. Thapki says yes. Neha asks why did you come here and who are these people. Kabir asks her to come with him. Neha sees Bihaan and recalls Bihaan threatening them to vacate the house by evening else he will burn their house. She shouts as the past flashes in her mind. Kabir tries to calm her down. Preeti says she is mad. Kabir warns them not to call her mad. Everyone is shocked. Kabir takes her inside the room. Thapki comes to Neha. Neha hugs Thapki. Thapki says nothing will happen to you. They make her sleep on bed. Kabir thanks Thapki.

Thapki asks him to stop and says now truth is out, and asks why he is hiding face now. He asks why did you lie that your sister is dead. He asks why did Neha reacted on seeing Bihaan? She asks him to answer her and says I will not bear your drama for more time. She asks if Neha is the reason because of whom you are taking revenge from everyone. Kabir says yes, I want to take revenge from Bihaan. He has ruined Neha’s life and have burnt her home, husband and son. Thapki is shocked and says this is not true. Kabir says can’t you see Neha’s state. He says I will snatch everything from Bihaan and will take revenge for Neha’s tears. Bihaan comes there and says I came to tell you that I got sad seeing your sister’s state. He says you haven’t done right by lying about your sister. Kabir says you have given her this pain and asks Bihaan to remember what he has done. Bihaan says I must have broken her home. He says this was my work, whoever don’t pay the money, I used to break their homes. He says my Thapki was not with me then, and I was like a stone. I will become lifeless again as she is still not with me. Thapki cries.

Sankara asks Bihaan to forget Thapki who have ruined him. Bihaan and other leave Pandey family. Kabir holds Thapki’s hand and stops her from meeting them. Thapki cries as they leave.


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