Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha mixing fertilizers in the soil. She says now all the wheat will grow, but I don’t trust Lord, as Lord is favoring Thapki more, you can grow the one wheat she has sown, if you do this, you don’t know what I will do with Thapki. She gets an axe and cuts the wooden leg of the temple platform. The stage gets misbalanced and Shraddha holds it. She says when Thapki does puja, the stage will fall on her, which will make this trishul hit her, now its in Mata Rani’s hand, if Thapki wins, she will lose her life and can’t win again.

Diwakar gets angry and says I won’t sell this house in few lakhs, I want crore of rs, if govt won’t give me money, I will file case on govt. Mishra says try to understand, you are creating problem.

Bihaan stops Thapki from keeping the clothes and arranges it himself. She recalls his words seeing the tshirt with train print. She saks why don’t you wear this tshirt now, wear it, I won’t feel bad. He throws that tshirt and burns it. She gets shocked and asks what did you do. He pulls her away from the fire and holds her hand tightly. She asks what happened, let me blow off this fire. He says this fire can’t be blown off, I helped you in morning, don’t think everything got fine between us, I would have done same to save any girl’s respect, I regarded you my loved one, so I called you Chuk Chuk Gaadi, now I hate you, I will never call you Chu Chuk Gaadi, you are just Thapki for me. She cries.

Dhruv comes to room and sees the beautiful decorations. Shraddha comes and shuts the door. He asks whats all this Shraddha. She makes him quiet. She plays music and gets close to him. She keeps his hand on her waist and makes him dance with her. Ye raat rukjaye….plays……….. She opens his shirt button and sits in his lap. He moves her away. He stops the music and asks what is all this, what would you get doing this. She says I will get you, your love, I want our child, which will define our love, I want to become mother. He says wait a min, I told you sorry for yesterday, whatever happened between us is wrong. She gets shocked.

She asks what was wrong, shall I forget what happened between us, for how many things will you say sorry, for marrying me too? You asked for time, whatever you did is right, what about me, who made this relation my wife, why Dhruv. She says I m sorry, say the truth, did you not get attached to me, did I not make any place in your heart, am I like furniture kept in this room, if I get pregnant, you will say you did mistake and would ask me to forget, you don’t value our relation, I m dying every moment, will you kill my baby like this. She cries.

He gets shocked and leaves from the room. She asks him to listen and cries….. Its morning, Vsundara sees Shraddha’s sown wheat did not grow and Thapki’s single seed wheat has grown. Vasundara says Thapki, even this time you have won, you have won in all the tests Thapki, there is no test left now. Shraddha says mummy ji, what are you saying, you did not say this is last test. Vasundara says I told that I don’t need to say about tests, I have tested you both for all good qualities, and she has tested more 5 qualities in this last test, selflessness, devotion, smartness, hardwork and belief, Thapki has proved herself and passed this test.

Shraddha says you said you will not be partial. Vasundara says I did not do any biasing, its true, Thapki has proved she has all qualities, she has gave the wheat to the lady and proved she is selfless. She calls the lady, who came in beggar’s disguise. Shraddha and Thapki get shocked. Vasundara says I have sent her, I have gone out to get this lady when Thapki was picking special wheat. She thanks the lady. The lady goes. Shraddha says this is that beggar, I mean I also tried to give my expensive things, she did not take. Vasundara says you gave but it did not matter to you, but Thapki gave the thing which was very imp for her, the wheat which had her victory, Thapki proved she is not selfish. She praises Thapki and says its her devotion that her one wheat seed has grown, and your many wheat seeds did nor grow, you lost Shraddha, and this is my failure, my thinking and mindset’s failure.

Thapki sees the Mata Rani idol falling over her and screams. Vasundara and Shraddha get shocked.

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