Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi doing the preparation for puja. Suman says lets begin the puja. Bihaan says puja can’t start until my mum comes, she is not less than a God to me as she has given me birth. Suman says okay. Thapki tells Kabir that her game will end now. Vasu tells Aditi that she has decorated the aarti plate like Thapki and says we will begin the puja once Kosi and special guest comes. Shraddha thinks Aditi lighted the diya before me, and says she will burn her hand now. She goes near Shraddha and looks angrily. Vasu says special guest is here. Shraddha looks at her father and says Papa…Vasu welcomes him. Shraddha gets tensed. Her father looks at her sindoor and mangalsutra and asks why she is wearing mangalsutra. Vasu says I will tell you, and says she is married to Dhruv, the

star and says as she is married now, she has no place in this house, we want to return her back to you. She tells Shraddha that she can see Dhruv, the star from her father’s house too. She asks her father to take his daughter back to his house. Suman says you have thought for the right treatment for this mad Shraddha, and says lets begin Puja. Bihaan says let Maa come first.

Thapki comes to Kosi in Thapki’s avatar and pulls her blanket. Kosi wakes up and pretends to be shocked. She then acts and says Thapki you have come. She says what I shall call you….Vani ji or Thapki…Thapki is shocked. Kosi keeps her hand on her shoulder and says what you had thought that I will not identify you seeing you fake teeth, changed fashion sense, and specs. She says when Kosi comes, she brings a big thunderstorm and asks if she forgot the past.

Thapki recalls Kosi torturing her. She asks her to tell everyone about her truth being Thapki before exposing her. She asks her to come and tell everyone. She then says I shall change my decision, it is better for you not to tell anyone about your truth, I will kill you and nothing will happen to me as Thapki is already dead in everyone’s eyes. She says you should be scared, as I am going to kill you. I will kill and burn you, and then I will show your ashes to everyone. She says when everyone ask me about Vani, I will tell that she has cancelled the business deal and left from here. Thapki says 1 min Kosi devi….are you done? She stammers and asks her to kill her. She asks I don’t understand why do you want to kill yourself. She activates the bomb tied on her stomach and says you have become human bomb now.

She says when this bomb will explode, then nobody can count your body pieces. She says I can diffuse it and save you. It will not harm others, and it is big enough to kill you only. She says think now who will meet her end now, you or me. Kosi shouts no and runs out. Thapki starts the countdown. Kosi runs out and shouts Bihaan, save me. She says she has tied bomb on me. Bihaan asks who? Kosi points finger at Thapki. Bihaan is shocked. Dhruv says why Vani will do this? You are misunderstanding her. Kosi says she is not Vani, but Thapki. Kabir says she is Vani Oberoi, my wife. Kosi says she is not Vani, but Thapki and says I am not mad. Vasu says you are mad and says Thapki is dead and dead people can’t come back. Kosi says she didn’t die and came here to take revenge. Kabir asks her not to tell anything against his wife. Kosi says she is not your wife, but Bihaan’s wife who came in different avatar. Bihaan says Thapki can’t do this, I will take out this bomb first.

Shraddha says everyone of us will die. Bihaan says I won’t let anything happen to you. Vasu asks Bihaan to go and says she will try to take out bomb. Kosi asks Bihaan to take out bomb. Bihaan diffuses bomb. Everyone is relieved. Kosi relaxes and says I will not die now, but bomb starts beeping again. Everyone is shocked to see that the bomb is not diffused permanently. Kosi asks Bihaan if he wants to kill her, and says you all want to kill me. She accuses Bihaan. Bihaan says I am your son. Kosi says I won’t die alone, and will take everyone with me. Thapki says I will try to diffuse it. Shraddha says everyone of us shall leave. Kabir says this bomb is not heavy and will kill Kosi only. Kosi tells that when this bomb explodes, only I will die. Shraddha says lets leave.

Kabir asks Bihaan to go out. Bihaan says she is my mum and I will not leave her. He try calling bomb squad. Kabir says only 1 min is left. Kosi says only Thapki can save me. Thapki asks her to tell truth to everyone and then only she will save her. Kosi agrees to tell all the truth.

Kosi accepts all her crimes and says she came to Pandey Nivas with the motive to get kidney for John. She says she tried to take Bihaan’s kidney and kidnapped him many times, but Thapki saved him always. She says that’s why she created misunderstandings between them and separated them. Bihaan is shocked. Vasu slaps Kosi.


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