Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Veer to tell a liner looking in her eyes. He tells the lines. Shraddha says now it is Tina’s turn. Tina stammers. Bihaan pats on her shoulder and she tells the liner well. Preeto says whenever Tina stammers, she remembers Thapki. Bihaan hears her name and holds his head, panics. Sankara makes him take a tablet. Preeti apologizes to Balwinder. Balwinder says we have to forget Thapki and also forget that she was part of the family before. Bihaan spends time with Tina and asks what she gift she wants. Tina says whenever you support me when I stammers, that is the gift for me, keep supporting me always.

Thapki asks Bani to ask something from her. Bihaan also asks Tina to ask something. Bani asks her to sing full song. Bihaan calls radio RJ. Thapki

also calls RJ. Bihaan tells RJ that his daughter wants to hear the song Channa Mereya. RJ wishes her happy birthday and tells that he has another caller on the line. He asks Thapki to request a song. Thapki also requests the same song. RJ says it is very surprising that you both have requested same song and asks them to request each other daughters….live. Bihaan says hello….Thapki hears his voice and gets up. She says hello….Bihaan asks what is your daughter’s name. Thapki says Bani. Bihaan says my daughter name is Tina. Thapki wishes Tina and says I wish God fulfill all your wishes. Tina says thank you maa and then realizes and says thank you aunty. Bihaan also wishes Bani and says you will get everything. Bani says I want to meet you….Bihaan asks her to tell the place. Bani says ghajab…..Bihaan looks on surprisingly. RJ plays the song for both. They dance with their parent at different homes.

Dhruv (with new face) is shown reporting news on the channel, acting as he is reporting when it is raining. Assistant tells that next bulletin is after 30 mins and asks why he feigns that he is covering news in rain. Dhruv tells truth separates two people in love and recalls Bihaan-Thapki separation, Aditi’s death. He says truth diminishes person’s identity etc. He says now I am on number 1 position as I am selling fake news, successful news person in India.

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Tina tells Bihaan that she doesn’t get sleep when light is on. Bihaan looks on smilingly. He says whenever you stammers, I like very much. Tina says whenever I am scared, I used to stammer. Bihaan says I am with you and asks her to sleep. He switches off lights.

Bani asks Thapki to switch on lights and says she don’t get sleep in darkness. Thapki recalls Bihaan and says she is just like her dad. Bani says else I will not sleep. Thapki switches on lights and says don’t forget that you are a girl. Bihaan sees wall photos and gets flashes of Thapki. He holds his head with pain and takes the tablet. He then relaxes. Thapki sees her pic with Bihaan and recalls all family members coming to get their picture clicked with them, and then go asking them to pose for their pic. Thapki tells Bihaan that although she is very far from him, but she loves him very much and nobody can take his place in her life.

Tina is studying mathematics. Shraddha comes and says zero like you. Tina cries and gets scared. Shraddha says I didn’t do anything till now. She burns her books and bag. Tina cries and is shocked. She is about to go, but Shraddha holds her hands. Tina calls Papa. Bihaan comes there and hugs Tina. Balwinder asks how did the fire broke out. Shraddha asks him to ask Tina and says she has burnt her bag and books when I tried to help her. Tina cries badly.

Bani cries and asks Thapki where is her Papa? She says I can’t stay without my Papa and says if Papa don’t come this time then see I will go to him directly. Thapki is shocked.


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