Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Thapki to kick everyone out of house as per the challenge. Thapki says me…Kabir reminds her that they have to win as they have lost the challenge. He says if you don’t do this work then I will do this work and they can’t bear it. Thapki cries badly. Thapki touches Vasu’s feet and takes her baggage out. Kabir goes inside. Shraddha claps and wah Thapki, you are way ahead of me in doing bad with them. Vasu asks Shraddha to stop him and says Thapki is doing what was decided. She asks her not to compare herself with Thapki, and says my Thapki can’t do anything wrong. She says if she asks for my life, then also I will support her and have trust on her even now. Shraddha says that’s why you are suffering, your loving Thapki can snatch our belongings now,

and asks her to come. Everyone leave from Pandey Nivas. Vasu asks Thapki not to worry and says she can understand. Thapki touches her feet and says Maa. Vasu blesses her.

Bihaan tells Vasu that he is not blind like her, and goes. Bihaan looks at the God’s idol from outside the house. Thapki calls his name…and cries. Bihaan lifts his hand towards her. Thapki also lifts her hand to touch his hand, but Kabir comes and stops Thapki and holds her other hand. Bihaan folds his hand and cries. Sankara comes and asks Bihaan to come, saying you love her so much and she has snatch everything from you, kill love for her and this Thapki. She holds his hands…Aati Rahengi Baharein plays……………She holds Bihaan’s hands and starts walking out. Bihaan is still looking at Thapki and recalls all the good moments between them. All Pandey family get emotional and see their house for last time, recalling the happy and sad moments in the house. Vasu and Balwinder cries. They leave. Thapki sits on ground and cries.

Neha gains consciousness and calls Kabir. Kabir is standing there and asks how did you reach here. Neha says last night, I came here following you. Kabir asks her not to do this again and says if anything had happened to you, then what I would have done. Neha says I will not do anything. Kabir asks her not to do this again. Neha cries and says that man..Bihaan was here only. Kabir says I know, and says I have taken revenge from him and have kicked him and his family out of his house. He says he has snatched your everything and that’s why I have snatched his everything. Neha asks everyone, and asks him to stop Thapki. She says Thapki saved me from Dog, and asks him to stop her. She asks him to do as she says, and asks her to keep her happiness always. Kabir promises and hugs her. Thapki is crying outside the house. Kabir asks her to come inside. Thapki asks what do you need now? You have snatched my everything. Kabir asks her to come and takes her in his car. Thapki says I don’t want to go with you. Pandey family are walking on road. A beggar comes and begs infront of them. Shraddha imagines herself in beggar’s place. She thinks Aditi have snatched Dhruv from me and made me baharwali and Thapki snatched our house, I will teach lesson to both sisters. Preeti and Suman imagine themselves are roadside saleswoman, and asks God to do some miracle.

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Thapki asks Kabir to stop the car. He drives the speedy car towards Pandey family. Sankara gets scared and goes behind everything. Bihaan stands infront still. Kabir stops his car. Sankara comes infront now and asks him if he wants to kill them now. Kabir says I want to give one more chance to you. Bihaan looks on. Kabir says my heart is so big and that’s why I am giving one more chance to you so that you can get back your house. He says if you wants your house back then you have to earn 5 crores Rs. in 1 month. Everyone is shocked and happy. Kabir says if you manages to earn 5 crores then you will get back your house, else I will sell your Pandey Nivas at a cheap price. Shraddha and Suman thank God. Kabir asks if he accepts the challenge. Bihaan refuses to accept the challenge. Everyone is shocked. Shraddha says we are getting a good chance and you are refusing. Vasu says Bihaan’s decision is final. Sankara also refuses to accept the offer. Thapki tells Bihaan that he did right by refusing Kabir, and says you can’t earn even 5 Rs. with hardwork and honesty, smiles. Bihaan looks on.

Thapki asks him not to accept this challenge and get his family insulted again. Bihaan asks her not to say anything, and accepts the challenge. Vasu thinks what is going on in Thapki’s mind.


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