Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki calling out the family members. She says we will save holika dahan to celebrate good’s win over evil. Bihaan says Lord saved you, so we will celebrate. Thapki says Lord and you saved me, you will be doing the puja. Tina and Bihaan ask Bani to come. Bihaan, Bani and Tina do the puja. Bani passes aarti plate to Thapki and it gets shaken. Thapki and Bihaan hold aarti plate together. They do puja together. Vasundara tells Bau ji that this time holi will end the bad shadow, and fill colors of happiness in our life.

Its morning, Sankara comes to Bihaan to apply colors. She says Thapki did puja with Bihaan yesterday, I will see how she applied colors to him before me. Thapki comes there and sees colors in Sankara’s hands. Sankara removes the blanket. She gets shocked

seeing pillows in Bihaan’s place.

She asks where is Bihaan. Bihaan comes there. He sees colors and gets flashes. He reacts angrily and asks who got these colors. Vasundara comes. Bihaan says you know I get headache seeing colors. Vasundara says its holi, go and sit in kids’ room, I will get this room cleaned. He goes.

Vasundara asks Sankara to leave and do arrangements to get this room cleaned. Thapki says I kept pillows there so that Sankara fails to apply color to Bihaan, what happened, why is Bihaan angry. Vasundara says because you left from his life, he hates colors, he used to play holi happily, he got hidden in this room, he gets mad seeing colors, he did not play holi since 7 years, you came back and Bihaan will get colors back in his life, I m sure he will play holi with you.

Thapki says yes, this time Bihaan will not sit in this room, I promise he will play holi like before. Bihaan shuts door and says I will not play holi. Bani asks Bihaan to play holi with her. He refuses and asks her to leave.

Thapki tells Bani that Bihaan has to play holi with us this time. Bihaan gets bhujiyas smell and opens door. Bihaan goes to kitchen and eats bhujiyas. Thapki and Bani come there. Bani says you have really come out. She thanks Thapki. Bihaan asks how did you know I like bhujiya so much. Thapki says I would know….I mean Vasundara told me. Bani says now you have come out of room so… Thapki says play holi with us.

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Bihaan sees colors and gets angry. He gets flashes. He stops Thapki and holds her, saying I hate colors, drop this. He makes her drop the colors and leaves her. Bani says I told you, he will never play holi. She gets sad and goes.

Shraddha asks Thapki to try again, Bihaan will hold your neck this time, forget to play holi with Bihaan. Thapki says my dream will get true, as Lord will help me, Bihaan will play holi with family, this is my promise. Shraddha says lets see.

Everyone play holi. Bani and Tina stay annoyed. Thapki asks them to get friendly again and play holi. She makes them play holi. Sankara applies holi to Shraddha and wishes her happy holi. Dhruv comes. Thapki goes to apply him holi. He taunts her for snatching Aditi. He says you left no colors in Bihaan’s life. Bau ji and Vasundara come. Dhruv sees them and goes to take their blessings. Vasundara blesses Thapki and asks her to fill colors of happiness like before. Shraddha asks Sankara to do something and play holi with Bihaan, before Thapki does. Sankara says he won’t come on my saying. Shraddha says Bihaan will come for Tina.

Shraddha pushes Tina in the pool. Bihaan calls out Tina and comes out.


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