Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi telling truth to everyone and says she came there with the motive to get Bihaan’s kidney for her son John whose both kidney was non functional. She says John is her son with her dewar who is actually her husband. She says I married him. Whenever I tried to kill Bihaan and kidnapped him, Thapki saved him and that’s why I created misunderstandings and separated them. She says everything is done by me and not Chacha. She tells everything fast and gets shocked seeing bomb about to explode, but the song April Fool Banaya plays…………….Dhruv smiles looking at Thapki. Kosi says I was so scared thinking Bomb will explode and laughs. She sees everyone shocked and says it is all false. Whatever I told was due to helplessness. Bihaan looks on shattered.


slaps Kosi hard on her face. Kosi asks how dare you to slap me? Vasu slaps her again and asks her not to dare to open her mouth infront of her. She calls her dayan to have killed her own husband and for trying to kill Bihaan. She says nobody can be bad than you. Kosi accepts that she has killed her husband and would have never leave Bihaan who is the son of the same man who tortured her a lot and treated her like animal. She says that’s why I killed him. Bihaan gets shattered and cries. Kosi says what I would had done. I killed him and married Dewar ji. I saw Bihaan as a curse for me and that’s why I had thrown him. She says I hate him so much and will not care if he dies today. Vasu stops her. Bihaan is shattered and is in shock.

Bihaan recalls Kosi coming in his life and claiming to be her mum. He recalls Thapki saying that Kosi is trying to kill him. He locks himself in the room. Preeti taunts Kosi. Balwinder says we had hidden about his parents truth from him, not to give him pain. Preeti calls her witch. Kosi sits angrily.

Dhruv asks Bihaan to open the door. Vasu asks him to break the door. They break the door and gets inside. They see Bihaan sitting in shock and shattered. Vasu hugs him. Thapki feels pain. Kosi comes there. Vasu says you have snatched my son’s happiness and Thapki. She asks her to go from there. He shows the sketches of Kosi and him, and says I kept it safely till now, but you have snatched everything from me. He says why did you do this, when you needed my life. I would have given you my life happily. He asks why did she punish him for his father’s mistake and says I have sacrificed my Thapki for you. He says I am born out of hatred and cries badly. Thapki couldn’t see his pain and goes. Vasu comforts him and says she is his mum.

Thapki comes to her room and cries. Kabir comes to Thapki and says Thapki….Thapki says I can’t see Bihaan broken like this. She says he is fully shattered today.

Kabir asks this is what you wanted naa. This was your motive, infact you should be happy. Thapki angrily stands up and asks don’t you have a heart? She says you are asking me to be happy. He says you are stone hearted to say this and hits on his chest. Kabir asks her why did she stop and says Bihaan is not having Thapki, but Thapki is having Kabir with her. He asks her to take out her anger on him and says I don’t have a heart that’s why I stopped here seeing your hatred for him. He says I have supported you as you lost your baby and felt pain. He says Bihaan got punished for his crimes and I am saying you that you should be happy, as where ever your child would be, he will be happy today seeing Bihaan in pain. Thapki says I can’t be happy seeing him shattered and cries.

Bihaan asks Kosi to leave from there. Kosi leaves. Bihaan tells his family that he will apologize to Thapki. Later he apologizes to Thapki and asks her to return to his life for one last time.


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