Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that it is good that he refused to accept the challenge given by Kabir. She says you can’t even earn 5 Rs with honesty, as you don’t know anything than to break people’s homes and break them. She says you are an illiterate, rough, arrogant, and not intelligent, educated etc.She asks him not to show them his moti buddhi and false manhood, else he will get insulted. She asks him to go and run on the street, and says you people deserve this. Bihaan asks her to shut up, and says if I am moti buddhi, but you are educated. Now you will see what this moti buddhi can do. Bihaan goes to Kabir and accepts the challenge. Kabir smiles. Bihaan says I will earn 5 crores Rs. in a month. Shraddha, Suman and Preeti are happy. Sankara gets tensed. Kabir says

best of luck and smiles. Thapki gets relaxed.

Everyone looks on tensed. Bihaan asks them to come home. Vasu thinks I know why you have done this, so that Bihaan accepts the challenge, and she hopes that Bihaan wins. Thapki cries. Kabir looks at Thapki and asks why you have done this. Kabir says for you. He says what I couldn’t do, that your love have done. Thapki says not love, but Bihaan’s hatred which he do with me. What my love couldn’t do, will make my hatred do. She asks him to start the countdown, and get ready to go away from their house. She says my Bihaan will earn 5 crores Rs. in a month and will win the house too, this is my challenge to you. Kabir accepts her challenge and says lets see, smiles.

Next day, Dhruv comes to Thapki and asks her to beat him with the brick. Thapki asks why you are hurting yourself. Dhruv asks why you are hurting Bihaan and yourself too. Why do you hate him so much and insulted him yesterday, he is not your baby’s murderer. Thapki says I wanted him to earn 5 crores Rs. and get back this house from Kabir. She says I want Bihaan to prove his capability infront of Kabir, and that he can face any challenge in life. Dhruv says but like this, Bihaan will get weak. Thapki says no, and says I will be with him like a hatred and will help him reach the destination. Dhruv tells her that this is wrong, and asks her to save her love. He asks her to do what she thinks is right. Thapki thinks, I know….Bihaan’s loss is my big loss, and that’s why I wants him to win, and wants Kabir to go away from here. She thinks until Kabir takes back revenge for Neha, he won’t go. I have to do something.

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Later in the night, Thapki takes Neha out in the jungle, and goes inside after asking Neha to wait for her 2 mins. Neha says okay. Thapki wears gloves and lights it with fire. She tries to scare Neha and says you will also die, just like your family died. Kabir comes in his car and is shocked seeing Thapki scaring Neha. Thapki tells Neha that the fire will kill her. Doctor is there, who stops Kabir and says whatever Thapki is doing is to make Neha fine, this is the only way out to make her fine. Neha sees water pipe and throws water on the fire. Kabir shouts Neha and takes her home. In the house, Doctor checks Neha. Kabir asks how dare you to go infront of my sister with fire. Doctor says this is the way to treat her mental state. Kabir asks if anything would have happened to her. Neha gains consciousness. Kabir asks are you fine? Neha tells that she is fine and tells that her fear of fire is gone now because of Thapki. Doctor asks Kabir to thank Thapki and goes.

Neha tells Kabir that Thapki is so good and takes care of her like him, and asks him to be good with Thapki. She asks whose house is this? Kabir says our enemy Bihaan. Neha gets hysterical and cries. Kabir assures that he came here to take revenge from Bihaan. Neha cries and asks him not to leave Bihaan. Sankara hears her and thinks to kill Neha.

Kabir comes to Thapki holding rose in his hand and thanks her. He says I can’t return your favour, but can try. He gives rose in her hand, and asks her to ask whatever she wants. Thapki says anything…and asks him to leave the house for forever. Kabir says I wish I could do this, you can ask for anything, but not this. Thapki says Neha will be fine in sometime and asks what do you want? Kabir asks can you return Neha’s 2 years? Can you return her son which Bihaan snatched from her. He says you came to know that Bihaan is not your baby’s murderer, but if you wouldn’t had known it, then you wouldn’t have forgiven him. He says I will take revenge from Bihaan and says I knew well that Bihaan can’t earn 5 crores Rs. in a month. Thapki tells Kabir that Bihaan is not guilty of Neha. She says my Bihaan will win, and my hatred for him will make him win. She throws rose on his face. Kabir is teary eyes.

Thapki asks Vasu to take her old jewellery. Bihaan asks her to stop and pours acid on her jewellery. Thapki cries.


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