Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tina coming to the pool. Shraddha comes and applies colors on her face and eyes. Tina screams. Shraddha then asks her to wash her face with water. Tina bends down to get water from pool, but Shraddha pushes her inside. Tina falls down in the pool and shouts for help. Bihaan comes there looking for Tina. Sankara and Shraddha smile seeing Tina in trouble. Sankara says I will put colors on Bihaan once he comes here. Bihaan sees Tina struggling in water and runs to rescue her. Thapki comes before him and saves Tina. Bihaan comes and hugs Tina. Thapki asks how did you fall inside. Tina thinks if I take Shraddha’s name then she might harm my papa, and tells that she fell by herself. Bani comes and asks Bihaan to celebrate with her. Bihaan refuses politely. Sankara tells Shraddha

that Thapki has become Devi again. Shraddha says she will blacken her face.

Suman thinks to add Bhang to thandai to bring out everyone’s truth. Vasu comes and scolds her, says we have small kids at home, if they drink by mistake then. Suman apologizes to her. Vasu thinks Suman said one thing right, and thinks we have to make someone’s truth out, she mixes bhaang in thandai and asks servant to make Sankara and Shraddha have it. Servant goes. Vasu thinks now I will see how you will be saved. Thapki is playing with kids. Shraddha eyes her and says she will bursts black color balloon on her and says the black color will not go off from your face and your face will feel irritation too, I will enjoy. She is about to hit the black color ball on Thapki, just then she hears drum sound and turns.

Bihaan comes there playing drum and says he came for Tina and Bani, as they were upset with him. He sings Duniya Mein Kitni Hai…..Thapki thinks if he gets his memory back then he would have played with her and their kids. Sankara and Shraddha are angry. Thapki sings the song and looks at Bihaan. Sankara comes and collides with Thapki. Thapki falls in Bihaan’s arms. They have an eye lock. Vasu and Balwinder smiles.

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Thapki apologizes to Bihaan for falling on him. She asks him to enjoy holi and see from heart. Ranjhana plays… Shraddha and Sankara are irked. Servant comes to Shraddha with bhaang glasses. Shraddha refuses to drink. He comes again to her. She drinks glass of Thapki mixed with Bhaang. Vasu smiles. Everyone is dancing. Bihaan is dancing with Sankara while Dhruv is dancing with Shraddha. Holi song plays….Thapki comes and sings song. Holi aayi re…..Suman dances on the song holi kSe din….Vasu comes infront of Shraddha. Shraddha says how dare you to come infront of me and says I am owner of the house. Vasu says evil’s age is less. She says I can kick you out of house in one go. Shraddha says she is not stupid. Vasu calls her coward to have hidden all her doings from Dhruv and asks if you are scared that he will leave you. Shraddha says she is not scared of him and calls Dhruv. She goes to Dhruv and tells that Thapki left home 7 years back because of her as she blackmailed her. She says Bihaan is in this condition because of her and that she made Bihaan made. She boasts about her crimes. Vasu looks on. Dhruv looks on, but doesn’t react on hearing everything.

Sankara wishes Thapki a happy holi and hugs her. She slits her dress with knife. Thapki is shocked. Sankara then pushes her in the pool and asks her to save her respect and be there, as she is going to play holi with Bihaan.


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