Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing a man dressed up like Bihaan as he meets with an accident. Thapki runs to him and asks him to have water. Man tells her that he is fine. Thapki sees his face and apologizes as he is someone else and not Bihaan. He scolds the driver. Ashish asks why did you run like mad and asks who is Bihaan, what is your relation with him? He gets a call and leaves. Thapki says he is my love and life and I can do anything for him. I am far away from him so that he can be alive. She says I will not let anything happen to him.

Veer and Anu are talking to each other. Veer asks why vegetables are green. Anu says it has chlorophyll. Veer asks Cholera. Anu says you will not understand. Shraddha comes and asks what is happening. They call her mummy/aunty. Shraddha asks

Anu to call her mummy and asks Veer to call her aunty. They call her mummy/aunty. Balwinder comes. Dhruv also comes and meets his kids. Veer asks chocolate. Shraddha hugs Dhruv. Dhruv compliments her beauty. Bihaan comes. Dhruv asks about his wound. Shraddha says he was working and then he got wound. Tina asks Dhruv to have food. He says he will have it later. Shraddha asks Dhruv to freshen up. Dhruv asks her to stop acting when children are not near them. He says there is no love between us. Anu gives banana to Bihaan and throws the peel on floor. Shraddha steps on it and falls down. She sees Bihaan eating banana and gets angry.

Later Tina comes to Bihaan and asks if he is not getting sleep. She shows the magic stick and says you will get sleep. Bihaan feels sleepy and says I have slept really. Tina says I tried a lot, but Mamma didn’t come as I am an orphan. Bihaan says I am with you naa, and asks her to talk to her Mamma via stars. Tina says I miss you Mamma. Thapki is also looking at the stars and feels like her other daughter is also near her. She says your Mamma loves you a lot and wipes her tears.

Bihaan is sleeping and gets flashes of Thapki while he is sleeping. Sankara eyes him from outside of his room. Bihaan takes tablet and sleeps. Sankara thinks you are in this condition because of this medicine, and says these medicines will numb will mind and will never make you recall Thapki. She says until I am alive, I will never make Thapki and Bihaan unite.

Shraddha is in her room. Dhruv comes and sits. Shraddha says 7 years have passed and asks until when he will be aloof and asks him to sleep with her. Dhruv asks who are you to me. Shraddha says Aditi is dead now and asks why you have kept your love for her. Dhruv accuses Thapki for Aditi’s death and tells that he is alive for his kids. Shraddha says only they will rule on the house.

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At Bani’s school. Teacher announces that selected student is Bani Thapki Pandey from their school for competition. A boy teases Bani and says she is fast, but her mummy stammers. Bani gets angry and grabs that boy’s collar. The boy asks if her father used to stammer also. Teachers asks Bani to behave properly. Bani says she is B for Bihaan Pandey and threatens the boy. Teachers take her from there. Thapki sees her marriage pic with Bihaan and says I am missing you Maa…She says I am staying with my daughter Bani in Agra. She sees Aditi’s pic and asks her to be happy with Dhruv also. She says your daughter Anu must be grown up and may be she will be just like you. She asks Aditi to tell Anu that she misses her.

Anu comes to Shraddha and says mummy…She asks can I have this face pack? Shraddha says you are pretty like me. Tina comes and asks can I apply on your face. Anu says okay. Shraddha asks Tina to come and says she will mix and give it to her. Anu thanks Tina. Shraddha adds chilli powder in the face pack and gives to Tina. She thinks sorry Anu, I am adding mirchi in your face pack to get rid of Tina. Bani sits to have face pack. Shraddha says Tina will go to boarding school today itself. I will see how Bihaan will stop her now.

Bani cries and asks God to make her meet her Papa. Tina is sent to boarding school. Teacher tells her that it is Agra’s best boarding school. Bihaan comes in car decky. Thapki senses his presence.


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