Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aditi fainting suddenly. Dhruv tries to wake her up and asks Shraddha if she has mixed anything in her drink. Shraddha says why she would do such thing. Doctor checks Aditi and says there is a good news for you all. She says Aditi is pregnant. Everyone is happy. Dhruv lifts Aditi in his arms happily. Vasu tells Aditi that she gave a big happiness to this house, and says God should save you from all evil eyes. Shraddha looks shocked and angry. Suman says it is awesome news and tells that they shall throw party. Dhruv says yes, and says Bihaan will forget his sorrows for sometime. Vasu asks Shraddha to leave after the party. Shraddha is irked. Thapki tells Aditi that she is fortunate to have a new life inside her, and congratulates her. Dhruv tells Suman that he will bring

cute kids pics and will make Aditi have lots of food. Vasu asks Thapki to tell all truth to Bihaan and says happiness will come to you. Kabir hears them and says not so soon….until my revenge is fulfilled.

Shraddha gets mad and breaks the things in her room. She tells her Dad that Dhruv is hers and asks how can Aditi get pregnant. Her dad asks her to calm down and says how can you get pregnant when you got married to Dhruv, the star. Shraddha says she can’t explain to him anything and asks him to go. Dad asks her to pack her bags and says you have to come with me tomorrow. Shraddha shouts Aditi and continues to take out her anger.

Thapki thinks about Vasu’s words and thinks she will tell Bihaan everything that she is Thapki and not Vani, and haven’t married Kabir. She decides to become Thapki from Vani and recalls the accident in which she lost her child. She says she can’t forgive Bihaan though, never and can’t forget the pain. Sankara hears her and says nobody can think what blast I am going to do tomorrow, tomorrow they will separate. Kabir comes to room and sees the dress. He says you are ending your hatred for Bihaan, but my hatred will end once my revenge completes. He says you can’t think what I am going to do tomorrow.

Sankara gives Thapki’s pic to goons and asks them to see her carefully. She gives them money and asks them to kidnap her tomorrow. She asks them to leave. The goons leave. Sankara comes inside and closes the door. She sees Vasu standing and is shocked.

Vasu sees her sweating and asks what do you mean by getting so much sweat in winter. Sankara says she was outside and caught Ram Pyaari who was going to Vani’s room and tied it. Vasu asks are you saying truth? Sankara says what I will get if I lie? Vasu says Kosi is left, there is nobody to save you. Sankara says she will not do anything wrong. Vasu says I have to keep an eye on you, and can’t let Bihaan and Thapki’s life in darkness. Kabir sees his sister playing with balloon. Suddenly Neha starts shouting as it bursts. Kabir calms her down and thinks he will blast tomorrow and Bihaan will burn in it. He says I knew that you will tell your secret to everyone after Kosi’s truth comes out, that’s why I have planned everything. He says your life will also change Thapki tomorrow, just wait for tomorrow.

Thapki recalls her engagement and marriage with Bihaan. She recalls all their happy moments and gets emotional. She recalls Bihaan slapping her and then asking her to leave. Thapki says Bihaan made her helpless and asked her to go. She says I am helpless and can’t let you do injustice to Sankara. She says I have to go from this house after telling you my truth. I will go very far from you and your life. Bihaan thinks I have lost Thapki, but not this time. He says I can’t let you go Thapki, there is no helplessness this time between us. He imagines dancing with Thapki on the song….Aasman Tera Mera Hua…Saiyyara..He thinks he wants God to conspire and make them meet and unite. He is hopeful. Thapki is also hopeful.

Bihaan sees frame falling on Thapki and saves her. Kabir determines to separate them.


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