Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neha stabbing Thapki’s pic when Sankara provokes her against Thapki. Thapki comes there. Sankara gets scared and gets up from bed. Thapki asks what you are doing here? Sankara says she came to ask about her well being. Sankara looks at the knife and picks it up from bed. Thapki asks Neha if Sankara told her anything. Neha says no. She asks about the gold fish. Thapki says you can see it anytime as I am keeping it in hall.

Later in the night, Neha picks the gold fish bowl. Sankara asks where are you going holding this, I asked you to kill Thapki and not this gold fish. Neha asks Sankara to come with her and goes to pond near by their house. Sankara says you came here to get water, we have water 24 hours a day. Neha asks Sankara to see what she does and asks her

to throw the gold fish bowl water. Sankara throws it. Neha fills the pond water in the gold fish bowl. She asks did you understand, this will become the reason of Thapki’s death and then Bihaan’s game will end. Sankara laughs and asks if you have gone mad? How this fish will kill Thapki, and says this fish will kill Thapki.

Neha says this fish is under the influence of this magical water, just think that Thapki’s life is in this fish. Sankara says it is good, I want to see how Thapki will die. Neha says we have to make Thapki drink this water and then we can do anything with Thapki and can kill her also. Sankara says I am big mad than you and don’t trust your words. I will go now. Neha says you will trust me when this fish do its work. Thapki gets worried for Neha, and thinks even fish bowl is missing, don’t know what has happened? Sankara and Neha comes back home. Thapki asks where did you go? Sankara says we went out for a walk.

Thapki says Kabir is worried and says fish bowl is missing from home. She then sees fish bowl in Neha’s hands. She asks where did you take it? Sankara says she wanted to fish along with her and that’s why took her. Thapki says it is risky to take glass bowl and takes it. Kabir comes and asks where did you go? Neha says she went out. Sankara says she can go with me naa. Kabir says no, without informing me. He looks at the fish bowl. Neha says it is Thapki. Kabir asks what do you mean? Neha says I named this fish as Thapki as it is cute and innocent like it. Kabir says lets go. Neha strangely looks at Thapki and sings machhli jal ki rani hai. Kabir takes her inside. Thapki stops Sankara and tells that Kabir and I will take care of neha, and asks her not to do anything wrong with her. Sankara says she is your nanand, I know. She asked me so I took her out. Thapki says you didn’t hear what I said…she says nothing wrong should happen with Neha and asks her to mend her ways. Sankara looks at gold fish and smiles.

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Kabir takes Neha to room and says this is your room from now, and asks her to take care of herself. Neha says good night. Kabir says okay, I will switch off lights. Neha gets up from bed and goes to see gold fish. She tells gold fish, everyone slept and you are awake till now, asks it to sleep, says you have so much work to do from tomorrow.. Sankara comes back to Neha and gives a bowl. Neha takes out water from the gold fish bowl and asks her to make Thapki drink this water. She says just as she drinks this water, Thapki’s life will be connected to this fish, and then her life is in my clutches. Sankara says I couldn’t understand anything. Neha sings machli jal ki and acts mad.

Next morning, Bihaan takes loan from his employees. Kabir comes and asks what he is doing? Man says he is giving loan to bihaan. Kabir says this is called begging, or looting people’s money. Bihaan asks him to shut up. He tells Bihaan that these people are scared and don’t want to give money to Bihaan now. He tells the people standing that Bihaan have become good now and will not beat or fight with you. He asks them to decide. Everyone take their money and leave. Kabir says this is your real value, if fear is removed from your name, then you have nothing.

Thapki asks Bihaan why he asked money from people and says it is not easy to earn money through honesty specially for people like him.


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