Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara telling everyone that marriage mahurat is tomorrow and asks Pandit ji to say. Shraddha says it is a good news. Sankara tells that Tina will get a mother now with all rituals. Shraddha says you have surprised us and now I want to give you a surprise. She asks someone to bring Bihaan weds Sankara’s hanging. Sankara asks Bihaan if he is happy? Bihaan says if Tina is happy then he is also happy and can do anything for his daughter’s happiness. Thapki cries. Shraddha asks what happened? If you are shocked and tells that Bihaan and Sankara will marry in 24 hours and asks her to get ready to leave. She says Bihaan will go far away from you for forever.

Sankara and Shraddha come for shopping. Shraddha says we shall buy your bridal dress. Sankara says she will

buy costliest dress so that Bihaan couldn’t keep his eyes off her. A buffalo sees Sankara as she is wearing red saree and gets crazy. It runs after Sankara. Sankara and Shraddha hides. Buffalo sees Sankara. Sankara gets scared and asks Shraddha to save her. Buffalo owner comes and tells that buffalo gets crazy seeing red color dress. He takes buffalo with him. Shraddha says we shall buy wedding dress for you. They see Thapki and Vasu coming there. Thapki tells that she has to come in bridal avatar infront of Bihaan, and tells that Sankara and Shraddha mistreat Tina a lot. Vasu says I am with you and asks her to go with her plan. Sankara tells that Thapki is trying to make Bihaan get back his memory.

Shraddha gets an idea and tells that she will make Thapki die. Tina comes to Gulabo and apply color on its forehead. She tells that she wants to make Thapki as her mum, but if she says anything then Sankara and Shraddha will beat her a lot. Bani hears her and thinks Tina hasn’t changed, it is just that she is scared. Shraddha asks Sankara to hide Gulabo inside. She then asks buffalo owner to bring his crazy buffalo. The man ties his buffalo and asks Shraddha to be careful. Shraddha says I know, and asks him to leave. She says it will be fun now.

Balwinder calls Shraddha. Shraddha gets tensed. Balwinder asks what you are doing here? Shraddha says I came to see if Gulabo have food. Balwinder says I came to feed her and asks it to come. Buffalo makes angry sound. Balwinder asks if this is changed. Shraddha says may be due to hot summer, and says she will feed buffalo. She asks buffalo to take anger on Thapki.

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Thapki gets ready as a bride and says she will have to make him remember their past. She thinks Bihaan will not marry Sankara then. She gets message from Bihaan’s phone asking her to come to lawn. She thinks God wants them to be together. Shraddha says buffalo called you to make you separate from him for forever. Thapki comes out and asks Bani if she saw Bihaan. Bani says no. Buffalo sees Thapki and breaks its rope. Thapki runs inside the house holding Tina’s hands. Tina falls down. Thapki holds her hand and tries to save her. Everyone panics. Balwinder says he will control Gulabo, but buffalo is still crazy. Everyone panic and doesn’t know how to control the buffalo. Buffalo eyes Thapki and walks towards her.

Shraddha throws something on Thapki and her dupatta falls down on Buffalo. Tina tries to help Thapki. Bihaan covers Thapki and picks up a knife to stop the buffalo.



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