Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki sensing Bihaan’s presence and looks at the car, but he is in the car decky. Bani asks what happened? Thapki says she felt like…B…and stops seeing Bani. Warden takes Tina to room and asks her to follow the rules, takes her to room. Bihaan is in the room already. Tina says teacher was saying that I will stay and study here, oblivious to the fact that my Papa came to take me back, and smiles. Bihaan says you must be hungry and says I don’t have anything to make you eat. Tina says I have and shows aam papad…Bihaan looks on surprised. Bani asks Thapki to have aam papad and cheer her mood. Bihaan says nobody eats aam papad at our home. Tina says it is good to cheer up self. Thapki eats it…Bani tells ghajab and says I don’t like it, don’t know how you eat

it. Thapki reminisces Bihaan saying the same line. Bihaan asks Tina to have it. Tina eats it.

Dhruv calls Police home and tells that Bihaan is missing from home since night and asks him to find him. Shraddha asks why he is making issue and informed Police. Dhruv blames her for sending Tina and says that’s why Bihaan left. Shraddha gets upset and says let him go, he was waste here. Balwinder says he will search him with his friends. Sankara brings knife and keeps on Shraddha’s neck accusing her as Bihaan goes missing. Shraddha keeps it back on Sankara’s neck and reminds her that she is here because of her favors and asks her to be in limits.

Bihaan calls Tina and asks her to come out. Tina says I love you. Bihaan says I love you too. Later Thapki drops Bani to school and sees Bihaan standing. She could see only his back and not his face. Ranjhana song plays……She walks towards him. Bihaan bends down to pick his stuff. Thapki thinks he is gone and thinks why she is missing Bihaan since yesterday. She sees Bani’s tiffin and goes to give tiffin to her. Bihaan gets up.

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PT sir introduces Bani and Tina to each other and tells that Tina will be in Bani’s team. Bani tells that she never loses. Sir asks them to take their position. Bani runs towards Tina and asks her to run. Tina thinks about Sankara’s words that she will make everyone lose, and stands crying. Bani says I am trying to make you understand to run and asks what is your problem. She pushes her. Thapki comes and holds Tina. Tina cries. Thapki scolds Bani. Bani says she made me lose. Thapki gives her tiffin back and asks her to go back to her class now. Tina hugs Thapki.

Thapki says sorry and tells Tina that although Bani is angry type but good at heart. She asks if you will make friendship with me and cracks joke…to make her laugh. Tina is still sad. Thapki gives her aam papad and says whenever mood is off, it cheers up mood. Tina thanks her and says I like it. Thapki feels connection with her as Tina stammers. Thapki asks if she stammers? Tina says whenever she is scared, she stammers while talking. Thapki hugs her and says this thing will never make you stop from doing big and asks her to go to class else will get late. Thapki stammers. Tina pats on her shoulder. Thapki gets emotional and says you will get late. Tina says bye. She starts walking and comes back to Thapki, asks if she will be her friend. Thapki smiles.

Precap: Watchman tells warden that this man(Bihaan) entered the school premises. Bihaan says he came to meet his daughter Tina. Thapki sees Bihaan and gets emotional and teary eyes.


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