Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan if he couldn’t see his reflection in the mirror. She asks where is his self respect, ego, his big talks etc. Bihaan is about to go. Thapki stops him. Vasu looks at them from balcony. Thapki goes inside and brings a bowl. She keeps it in his hand and asks him to take it, as he deserves this. Vasu cries. Thapki gives bowl and a 5 crores cheque. She says if you wanted charity then you would have asked me. She says it is not easy to earn money with honesty and hardwork, specially for people like you. She asks him to save the house. Bihaan gets angry and asks her to keep begging bowl with her, and says when I earn 5 crores Rs. after 1 month, then I will kick you and your husband out of the house. I will earn 5 crores Rs. with my hardwork and not with someone’s

charity. He tears the cheque and throws on her. Vasu is teary eyes. Kabir looks at the drama and tells Thapki that illiterate Bihaan will never mend his ways.

Thapki wipes her tears and thinks once my Bihaan decides, he gets it anyhow, I had seen his that avatar when we used to stay in cowshed. He will earn 5 crore Rupees and will slap on your face. Thapki is praying to God and apologizes to him, saying until I insult Bihaan, he will not take up this challenge. Vasu comes and tells Thapki that Bihaan will be successful and asks her to have faith on God. She says very soon, he will make everything fine. She gives her gangajal and asks her to drink it to calm her heart. Sankara hears them and thinks about Neha asking her to make Thapki drink the magical water to connect Thapki’s life with that of a gold fish. Vasu asks her to drink, and says your gold fish will bring you and Bihaan together. Thapki is about to drink gangajal.

Sankara goes and throws something on floor. Thapki stops and goes to check the fallen thing. Meanwhile Sankara comes back to temple and adds the magical water in the pot. Thapki brings the magical water from the pot thinking it to be gangajal. Neha and Sankara looks at Thapki. Neha smirks. Sankara asks her to show what will fish do now. Sankara sees fish moving in the pot at a fast pace. Neha says connection happened between them. Thapki prays to God with her eyes closed.

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Aditi wakes up and steps down on the bed. She slips and falls down in Dhruv’s hands. Dhruv holds her and says I will be with you always, and with our baby also. Suman comes there and asks if she need anything. She asks Dhruv to give medicine to Aditi and says baby should be like Dhruv. Dhruv says no, baby should be like Aditi. Shraddha hears her and thinks only her baby will be like Dhruv. Dhruv asks Aditi to rest and says I will bring water for you. He sees Shraddha standing at door step. Shraddha asks him not to worry and says she will not do anything wrong with Aditi today. Dhruv says you can’t do wrong, never. Neha takes out fish food and says once fish eats this, then see what happens with Thapki. She puts fish food in the bowl. Thapki is busy checking the file and then cleans her laptop. Thapki sees her eyes red on her laptop screen and is shocked. Sankara is shocked too…Neha smirks. Thapki checks her eyes in mirror. Neha smirks. Thapki sees blood coming out of her eyes and is scared and shocked. Vasu comes there and is shocked to see blood oozing out from her eyes. She says I will call doctor and goes. Neha smirks madly.

Later Doctor checks her eyes and puts eye drops, asking her to close her eyes. Doctor tells that she has a wound in her eyes and prescribes some medicine. Bihaan comes there and asks Vasu, what happened to Thapki. He calls her name. Thapki opens her eyes and sees him. Bihaan recalls Thapki insulting him and gets angry. He taunts her and asks why she needed medicine today. Vasu is about to tell him about blood coming out from her eyes, but Thapki stops her. Vasu goes. Bihaan sits on her bed side and tells that he knows what is her problem. He writes on the paper and says betrayal is her medicine. He asks her to break everyone trust and insults him. Thapki cries. Bihaan says you can insult me whenever you want and then you will come in your real form. Thapki cries. Bihaan collides with Kabir. Kabir says 28 days are left now for you to earn 5 crores Rs.

Thapki is about to touch the electricity circuit box because of the magical spell on her. Neha and Sankara looks on.


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