Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 16th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tina bending down to pick Thapki’s ghunghat. Buffalo makes sound and walks towards Tina. Tina shouts. Thapki runs to Tina and throws dupatta on buffalo. Sankara tells Shraddha that Thapki will be saved now. Shraddha says no and throws knife in air. It stucks Thapki’s dupatta on to the table. Thapki is shocked as she couldn’t move. Buffalo proceeds towards Thapki and Tina. Thapki asks Bihaan to take Tina from there, but Bihaan says he won’t leave her and go. He tries to take out the knife. Buffalo proceeds towards them. Bani and Anu bring real Gulabo there. Gulabo song play. Buffalo runs out seeing Gulabo there. Shraddha and Sankara are shocked and upset. Balwinder asks where are you Gulabo. Bani tells them that Tina have applied tilak on Gulabo’s forehead and that’s

why I went and searched it. Thapki asks how did other buffalo came here? Shraddha panics and tells that it is an animal and can go anywhere.

Thapki slaps Sankara and says until now you tried to harm me, and now buffalo would have harm Tina. Sankara says you have slapped me for an orphan. Thapki says she is not orphan, she is my daughter as she is Bihaan’s daughter. She tells Shraddha that she is sparing her just because of her relation with Dhruv and says next time she won’t. Once Thapki goes, Sankara tells Shraddha that Thapki slapped her. Shraddha also slaps her. Sankara slaps herself and says I would have kill both of her daughters and says I tried to kill one, but she came back to this house. Shraddha asks Sankara to take revenge on Thapki and Bihaan’s daughter and says they didn’t know that Tina is their real daughter which they think is dead. Thapki hears her and cries emotionally.

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Thapki recalls her first meeting with Tina and cries. She goes to Tina’s room. Bani forwards friendship hand towards Tina and asks her not to get scared of Shraddha as she is with her. They hug each other. Thapki comes there, sees them hugging each other, gets emotional. She comes to them and kisses Tina, tells Bani that Tina is her real sister. She tells Tina that she is her mamma and Bihaan is her real father. Bani says why didn’t you tell me about this thing till now. Thapki says you both are small to hear this. She tells I have to tell you both all the truth. She says I am bahu of this house and Bihaan’s wife. She tells everything how Sankara blackmailed her, kidnapped Tina and they thought her dead. She tells that Sankara asked her to leave with Bani, and then Bihaan met with an accident and tells what Doctor said.

Vasu hears her and gets emotional. She asks if Tina is your and Bihaan’s daughter. She says that’s why she seems to be closer to me. She hugs Tina and Bani. Vasu says I will go and scold them. Thapki says no and tells that they have to make Bihaan remember his past. Bani says they will help her. Vasu says she will take everyone to temple. Thapki says Shraddha and Sankara will not come with you. Vasu shares her plan and asks Bani and Tina to stop them till Thapki makes Bihaan get back his memory.

Sankara gets 500 Rs. note. Bani keeps another 500 Rs. Sankara gets happy and asks God to give 5000 Rs. shagun. Shraddha comes there and asks her not to run after money. They see notes inside and go to room. Tina and Bani lock them in room and says Thapki will do her work now.

Thapki and Bihaan are together. Bihaan sees their pics around them. Thapki tells him that she is his wife….Bihaan is shocked.


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