Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi telling Bau ji that she has come to take something, and she will take it. She says I will take away everything by getting a flood. Bau ji leaves and the man greets him. The man says you did not tell anyone outside, atleast accept here. Bau ji goes. Shraddha eats food. She sees Bau ji coming and says whats he doing here, if he sees me eating like this… she hides the food plate. Bau ji asks did you not sleep. Shraddha says I sleep late, why are you awake, why did you come here, do you want anything. Bau ji says no, I just went to take something from my room. Shraddha says I came to take water from fridge, I was feeling thirsty. Bau ji asks her to go and sleep.


Bau ji says Kosi’s truth should not be known to anyone here, else it will be big true. The man Naman ji also tells the same thing to Kosi. She says I know, I will take what I want. Raman says that’s why I m trying to buy Dhruv’s channel. She says we have to do some permanent cure of Thapki. She asks Naman to do his work from tomorrow, we have to trouble everyone here.

Its morning, Suman goes to washroom and does not get water. She rushes and tells everyone that wine is coming in taps instead water. Preeti also complains the same. They all go downstairs and see Naman preparing something. Bau ji asks whats all this. Many wine bottles come rolling. They all see Shanta/Sankara getting the bottles in a sack. Naman says where will we fill wine if bottles break.

Naman asks Bau ji to see, he is making wine, this is my business. Bihaan says this is a house. Kosi says this is our house, we can do anything here. Naman argues with Bau ji. Bihaan throws the drums and asks Naman to stop this drama. Naman asks Bihaan not to threaten them. Bihaan says I will call police. Kosi says don’t get angry, we have license to make wine, police can’t do anything. Thapki asks them to atleast see the temple at home. Kosi laughs and says you stammer a lot, and talk too much, I will open my mouth now. Bihaan asks Kosi to be in her status and talk. Kosi asks him to get angry on himself, why did you marry a stammering girl, is this any match, mistakes happen but it can be rectified. She asks Bihaan to taste wine and say how is it. Bihaan throws the glass angrily.

Bihaan asks Bau ji why should we bear them, you just tell me once and I will call my men to throw them outside. Bau ji calms him. Thapki asks Bihaan to understand Bau ji. Bau ji asks Thapki and Bihaan to go out and manage channel reporters, they should not know all this. He argues with Naman.

Thapki asks Avinash why is TRP falling so much. Avinash says our channel is much behind. Bihaan asks him to do something to get viewers back. Avinash says you tell me what to do, Dhruv is not here. Thapki says but we can keep Dhruv’s show. She gives her ideas. Avinash says its tough to get that interview. Bau ji says we will get Radheshyam’s interview on our channel, I know him well, I will talk to him. he calls Radheshyam and says yes, I miss you a lot, you got busy in politics, I had small work, if you give small interview for our channel. Radheshyam agrees. Bau ji thanks him. He asks Bihaan and Thapki to go. Thapki asks Bihaan to prepare, he will take interview. Bihaan says no, its big interview. They all ask Thapki to take interview.

Shraddha is happy to get wine in taps and says I will drink and enjoy. She drinks wine and is happy. Suman and Preeti come there. Shraddha says I came to sing desi bhajan… Preeti smells the glass and says Shraddha you had drink. Shraddha says no, I did not drink, I thought its water. She denies everything and says I m repenting, I will go and put water to tulsi plant.


Sankara roasts the potatoes and keeps it in a plate. She asks Bihaan will he have it. Bihaan scolds her. Sankara says we have license to make all this. Bihaan gets angry and says you all are lying. She says I swear, we have license. He asks her to show it. She says Kosi has it. He asks her to show and holds her hand. She smiles and says Kosi asked me not to tell you where license is kept. Bihaan asks her to say where license is not kept. He asks her where is not kept. She tells him that this is the place which Kosi refused to say. Bihaan and Thapki smile. He fools Sankara and thanks her. Kosi leaves from the room. Bihaan and Thapki check for license under the bed. Kosi comes back and they both hide under the bed.

Sankara collides with Bihaan. He puts some papers inside the newspapers. Naman burns the papers and does not see license papers kept in it.



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