Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv’s brother telling everyone that today’s party surprise is here. Suman and Preeti dance on the song Solah Shringar karke…while Shraddha is made to stand wearing moustache. Everyone claps for them. Shraddha is irked and thinks very soon you will fly high when I will tell everyone about my relation with Dhruv, just wait and watch. Sankara signs the goons who are indisguise of waiters to kidnap Thapki. Thapki thinks to surprise everyone and thinks to dress up as Thapki and come party again. Dhruv’s sister announces that Vani will perform next on Aditi’s request. Thapki stops hearing the announcement.

Thapki as Vani dances on the song Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chobara……Everyone smile looking at her performance. Aditi gets emotional and teary eyes. Bihaan brings

and plays dhol and sings Duniya Me Kitne hai narfratein song……..Thapki looks at him. Bihaan goes on stage while singing the mohabbatein song. Kabir comes on stage, holds Thapki’s hand and dances with her on the song Bholna Na Jaana….Sanam Mere Humraaz…..Dhruv is upset….Sankara smiles looking at Kabir and Thapki. Bihaan gets jealous. Thapki also sings the song. Sankara goes on stage and holds Bihaan’s hand to dance. Bihaan brushes her hand off from his hand. Thapki goes from the stage. Sankara also goes. Bihaan looks at Kabir angrily.

Dhruv’s brother says what a great performance, and tells that his microphone is not working. Just then Shraddha goes on stage and starts dancing on the song Mera Piya Ghar Aaya………Everyone is surprised to see her dancing happily. Shraddha’s remote falls down. She picks the remote from the ground, and goes near Aditi and brings her to stage. Aditi is quite tensed. Thapki looks at Dhruv. Dhruv goes on stage to take Aditi. Thapki also goes on stage. Shraddha presses remote button Dhruv takes back Aditi, while Thapki is still standing on the stage.

Bihaan sees snake about to fall on Thapki and saves her in the nick of time. Everyone is shocked to see snake on stage. Shraddha is tensed too. Bihaan picks the snake with a stick and goes to throw it outside. He comes back to Thapki and asks if you are fine? Thapki says yes. Vasu asks Thapki, if you are fine. Thapki says yes. Preeti and Suman tell the snake seems to be dangerous. Preeti says may be someone brought it here. Vasu says no, it must have come just like it.

Announcement is made to welcome Dhruv and Aditi on stage. Sankara calls her goons and asks them to kidnap Thapki as she went to her room. Dhruv and Aditi go on stage. They dance on the song….teri aankhon me matwale………Shraddha is jealous and angry. Vasu signs Shraddha to come. Shraddha goes to her. Vasu tells Shraddha that she won’t let snake or her bite her family, says taxi is ready, go with your papa after party ends. Thapki goes to her room and takes out her specs, artificial teeth, and jewellery. She then wears different jewellery and applies make up. Goons are coming to Thapki’s room. She gets a message and replies to it on mobile. Dhruv lifts Aditi in her arms.

Electricity goes. Sankara scolds goons for not kidnapping Thapki. Goon says Thapki went in darkness. Thapki comes and says everyone is snatched from her, and then also she came to rescue them from darkness, and to bring Kosi and her husband’s truth. She says you might be thinking why would Vani Oberoi do this, and says Vani has no relation with this house, but Thapki had who was humiliated and kicked out of house without any mistake. She says she was innocent and tried to rescue her family and husband. She says Thapki always tried to support truth and everyone betrayed her. She says her own husband left her. She says I am not Vani Oberoi, but Thapki….everyone’s Thapki. Everyone is shocked and emotional. Electricity comes back. Bihaan sees her face. Aditi gets emotional too.

Sankara asks Kabir to shake hands with her and says enemy’s enemy is a friend. Kabir shakes hand with her. Sankara smiles.


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