Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neha suffocating Sankara’s neck when the latter doubts on her. She says I will show you now and takes water in the bowl from the fish bowl. She holds Sankara’s hand and takes her near the electricity box. Sankara asks what you are doing? Neha asks her to just see and enjoy. Neha throws the water on the circuit box. It sparks. Preeti’s husband thinks to call electrician as light is off. Sankara says if anyone sees us together then…Neha asks her to keep quiet and shows that Thapki came there. Thapki comes there, near the circuit box. Neha says this is fish water magic, now see how Thapki will dance on our tune. Sankara is shocked. Thapki sees the circuit box sparking and is about to touch it. Sankara is shocked while Neha is smiling happily. Thapki is about to touch

the box, but just then Sankara stops her and asks what you are doing here? Thapki says I was in my room.

Preeti’s husband comes there and asks them not to touch the electricity box, says he called the electrician. Sankara thinks whatever Neha said was right, and Thapki has become a puppet, now we can do anything with Thapki.

Now she will die. Sankara comes to Neha and says I agree that you can do anything with Thapki. Neha asks when to kill her, to make Bihaan die. Sankara asks her to trouble Thapki very much and make her life miserable. Neha asks Sankara not to betray her. Sankara says your hands are magical and powerful hands, I won’t betray you. Neha sings macchli jal ki rani hai. Sankara sings Thapki do pal ki rani hai, hamre Bihaan ji ko cheena toh tadap tadap ke marrjayegi and looks at the fish bowl. Later everyone is doing puja. Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other. Sankara prays to God aloud and asks him to bless her to be sanskari bahu, who keeps united the house and not like other bahu who separates the family.

Vasu says partition happens by heart and not by homes. She asks Thapki to give prasad, and tells Sankara that God is same for everyone and can’t be distributed among his devotees. Bihaan goes near Thapki and asks for Prasad. Thapki gives her prasad. Vasu asks Bihaan to forget everything and celebrate the makar sankranti/kite festival. Thapki says I asked God to make evil lose and to give us happiness. She looks at Bihaan. Bihaan is upset though.

Neha and Sankara come to the gold fish. Sankara asks Neha, what will happen with the naagin flute. Neha says Thapki and her ancestral can’t think what will happen with her. She is about to put it in water, but Kabir calls her and asks her to come on terrace, claps for her. Sankara takes the naagin flute from her hand. Kabir takes Neha with him.

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On the terrace, Kabir shows his kite with Thapki’s pic on it and asks if it is good. Thapki comes and asks what is this? Kabir says I want to see you fly high in happiness sky with my love. Bihaan stands up and says your luck is superb to get Kabir, as I couldn’t love you this much. Sankara comes and writes Sankara on the kite. She says I don’t love you less, and shows the kite with Sankara on it. She gives kite to Bihaan and says I am on Bihaan’s kite, and Thapki is on her husband’s kite, lets see whose kites flies high and whose kite….She thinks your life will cut like your kite. Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other while holding the kites. Ram Pyaari turns and unites them with thread. Bihaan and Thapki are tied with the kite thread. Bihaan tells her that he will cut the thread. Everyone come out and see them having an eye lock. Kabir cuts the thread with knife and asks Bihaan to mend his ways else.

Neha looks at the snake flute, and asks her to see what she does with Thapki. She puts snake flute in the water. Thapki dresses as a naagin dances on the song Main teri dushman…Everyone is shocked.


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