Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan, Kabir, Thapki and other fly kites. Dheel Dede ke bhaiyya song plays………………..Bihaan cuts Preeti’s kite and gets happy. Shraddha comes and asks Dhruv to fly kite with her also, and reminds her that she is pregnant with his baby and she is feeling like the baby is feeling bad for her. Aditi signs Dhruv to fly kite with Shraddha. Shraddha smiles. Sankara asks Bihaan not to let his love/wife’s name fall on ground else it will be inauspicious. Just then Kabir cuts his kite. Sankara gets angry and goes to bring another kite. Thapki looks at Bihaan. They have an eye lock…Ranjhana song plays. They recall flying kite before. Shraddha sees them having an eye lock and thinks to cut Thapki’s kite. She cuts Thapki’s kite and laughs. Bihaan runs to hold the

thread and to stop kite from falling down as it have Thapki’s pic on it. Kabir also runs behind him. They both run following the kite and overcome many hurdles. Bihaan manages to hold the kite thread finally. Kabir smiles.

Thapki sees Bihaan holding the kite with her picture on it, and smiles. Ranjhana song plays…………Sankara also comes there…..Thapki looks at him. Bihaan says your picture was on it, that’s why saved it from falling down, don’t think wrong. He goes. Thapki says I am feeling your love Bihaan. You have given me a big gift on this festival. He turns and looks at Thapki. Kabir and Sankara are upset. Sankara says they managed to celebrate festival together.

Later in the night, Sankara tells Neha that Thapki celebrated the festival with Bihaan. Neha says Thapki will celebrate tomorrow.

Shraddha calls Aditi near the buffalo. She says someone told me that if we made buffalo eat curd sugar then it is good for our baby. She asks her to pick and feed Gulabo. Aditi picks the curd rice and feeds to Gulabo. Shraddha thinks Aditi will have baby girl as it was bitter, and I will have baby boy. Once Aditi goes, Shraddha asks Gulabo to have curd sugar. Gulabo refuses. Shraddha tastes it and requests Gulabo to have it. Gulabo eats it. Shraddha thinks now I will have baby boy only.

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Bihaan asks his employer to give him 5 crores advance. Boss is shocked. Bihaan requests him to give money and tells that his family badly needs money. He says I will work hard and repay your money. Boss asks him to take part in any game show or if he wins a lottery. Bihaan asks are you joking? Boss says I am saying truth and tells that his wife participated in a game show and won the money, and he build this company with that money. He says you can become crorepati in TV game show. Bihaan looks on.

Neha says Thapki will become Bihaan’s enemy and they will never unite. Sankara says family members will get mad seeing Thapki’s avatar. She puts the snake flute in the fish bowl. Sankara asks if she wants to show Thapki’s witch avatar. Suman and Preeto hear naagin tune at night. Aditi, Dhruv, Shraddha and others also come to hall. They see Thapki wearing white dress and dancing as Naagin. Aditi is shocked. Kabir comes there and is shocked too. She sings Main teri dushman…..Bihaan comes home and hears the music. He is surprised to see Thapki dancing as naagin. Shraddha laughs. Aditi is tensed. Vasu is shocked too. Thapki dances madly and falls on Bihaan. Bihaan gets scratches on his neck as she falls down on him and faints. Bihaan and others try to wake her up.

Thapki asks what happened just now. Preeti says you was dancing on naagin song. Suman says you have scratched Bihaan’s also. Thapki is shocked and cries, saying she don’t remember anything. Shraddha calls Mental hospital and asks them to take Thapki from there.


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