Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Sankara to let Thapki stay here and says she shall see your grand marriage with Bihaan. Later Sankara asks Shraddha why did you stop Thapki and says if Bihaan gets back his memory. Shraddha says nothing will happen and tells that Thapki will be in pain to see your marriage with Bihaan and says I will celebrate her defeat. Thapki and Bihaan come to Tina and Bani’s room. Tina shows him painting which she made. Bihaan completes the family painting and says I am incomplete without my daughters. He holds Thapki’s hands and circles around them. Tina asks what you are doing? Bihaan says they have walked around them as they are their life. Tina hugs him. Bani says he wants to hug his other daughter and says ghajab. Bani calls him papa and hugs him crying

happily. Bihaan tells his daughters that he couldn’t understand his relations although his heart was saying. They hug Bihaan. Thapki also hugs them. Vasu comes there and hugs Bihaan, gets happy. She tells him that Thapki gave him a new life and asks him not to forget her. Bihaan says I was forced to forget her. Vasu asks why did you agree to marry Sankara then. Bihaan says Thapki asked me to say that. Thapki tells that they will trap Sankara in her own trap.

Sankara asks Shraddha to pinch her and says she can’t believe that she is going to marry Bihaan. Shraddha says she is marrying Bihaan. They sense somebody is outside the room and go out to check. They see Tina standing tensed. Shraddha asks what did you hear? Tina says my doll fell down so I was picking it. Shraddha takes her inside the room while Sankara closes the door. Shraddha asks her what did you hear? Tina says nothing. Sankara beats her. Tina says I heard that you have kicked Thapki out and made Papa unwell. Shraddha is shocked. Sankara says if she opens her mouth then…Shraddha says she will open if she goes out. Tina asks her to let her go. Thapki knocks on the door. Shraddha asks Tina not to shout else she will throw her out of window, and asks Sankara to handle Thapki.

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Sankara opens the door and asks why did you knock on the door. Thapki says today is your haldi rasam and I don’t want you to get late for haldi rasam. Sankara takes the plate. Thapki says I really want that you get marry to Bihaan. Sankara says lets go. Thapki looks back. Shraddha is hiding with Tina. Thapki says I will close the door. Sankara says door will be closed when they have suhaag raat and smirks. Thapki and Sankara leave. Shraddha asks Tina to come. Bani and Bihaan come there. Bihaan calls Tina. Shraddha is hiding with Tina and takes her from there. Bani tells Bihaan that Tina is not here. Tina struggles to shout, but couldn’t. Shraddha thinks to kill Tina for forever.

Sankara says start my haldi rasam and says Thapki will apply haldi to me, as she brought me here. Thapki says yes, and tells that may be they may or may not meet after today. Sankara asks Thapki to apply haldi to her Bihaan. Thapki says I can do anything for his happiness. She goes and applies haldi on Bihaan. She tells Bihaan that they shall start the work and asks where is Tina? Bani says she was with me. Vasu asks where is Tina? Shraddha tells that Tina went to her friend’s house Anjali to invite her. Vasu asks if she went alone. Shraddha says no with driver. Bani tells Thapki that Tina’s friend Anjali is in Mumbai. Thapki says she is in trouble. Shraddha applies haldi to Sankara. Sankara asks where did you hide that chipkali. Shraddha recalls hiding her in the flower basket, and tells that nobody will find her and smirks.

Thapki comes out and calls Tina. Tina is still unconscious in the basket. Shraddha comes and sees Tina in the basket. Thapki didn’t see her. s


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