Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara saying I trusted my bahus and they could not do their duties. She says I left four bahus at home and still outsiders got in. She scolds Suman, Preeti and Shraddha. She asks Shraddha why did she do this drama to repent, she would have prayed for Dhruv if she had to really repent. She asks Thapki what did she do. She says I trusted Thapki the most. Thapki says sorry. Vasundara says situation got worse, the bad people have entered the house, when would you react if they kicked you out of house. Bau ji says Thapki managed home well. She says Thapki took keys and should have managed duties also. Bihaan comes and looks on. Vasundara asks for keys. Thapki gives the keys and says I took keys, but Dadi had the keys always.


Bihaan tells Vasundara that Bau ji stopped me from doing anything. Vasundara scolds him and asks him why did he listen to Bau ji this time, when he left house for Thapki and went against Bau ji before. She says whatever happened, I will see how the wrong people stay here. Bihaan asks Thapki to see Vasundara’s anger. Thapki says its not your mistake, Maa scolded us by love, I did not feel bad of Maa’s words, see how Maa teaches them a lesson. He says Ghazab, you are world’s best bahu who have no objections with saas, you trust her more than yourself. She says my saas is best. He says you are best bahu, and they smile.

Shraddha says why is Vasundara so angry, I need plate to have food. She sees the plates in sink and says these illiterate people have made house dirty. She feels hungry and takes a steel plate to have food. She washes it and wipes it. She sees R R city written on old utensils and says Kosi told this district to Vasundara, it means Vasundara is connected to Kosi, now I understood why was Vasundara so angry, I need to find secret.

Bau ji tells Vasundara not to get angry, children did what I told them. She holds the family pic and says that was not my anger, it was my sorrow and fear, I lost one son, Dhruv went away from us, I won’t let anyone else go from here, Kosi has come to do this, you know this, I won’t let this happen, this is my family, I will save them, even if I have to pay any price.


Sankara sees the costemics and applies on her face. Thapki comes and asks what are you doing here. Sankara says sorry, I was applying makeup. Thapki asks why were you hiding, don’t be sorry, its my room, this makeup is mine, you can use it. Sankara gets glad and applies more makeup. She asks how do I look. Thapki says get up, you look very beautiful, this is enough for today, apply more tomorrow. She recalls what Kosi did and calls her Shankar. Sankara says its Sankar.

Thapki says I need to tell you something, person’s respect is in own hands, when person respects himself, world respects him, you have to respect yourself and fight for right, did you understand. Sankara asks why do you stammer, is there any problem, I know there is sorrow, I will use makeup tomorrow. She goes. Thapki says wrong is happening with Sankara, and she does not know difference between right and wrong, how will she fight for herself, I will teach her to fight for her rights.

Vasundara burns few things, Kosi comes there. Kosi says this time I will take away everything. Thapki looks on. Kosi goes. Thapki says Maa its wrong to burn their things. Vasundara says doing wrong thing on right time and right place is also called right, change your definition of right, it will be good for you and everyone. Bihaan looks on. Vasundara goes.

Bihaan tells Thapki that we have to do wrong to deal with wrong people, think of meeting with Radheshyam. She hugs him. its morning, Shraddha says I will ask Sankara, she is innocent and tell secret. She sees washing machine moving and sees Sankara coming out of it. Sankara says I was washing clothes inside it. Shraddha says I was finding you, I had to ask you about Kosi, you are very smart to wash clothes sitting inside machine, I will go and ask Kosi, you carry on washing clothes.

Shraddha goes to Kosi and says I got this wine for you. She acts sweet with Kosi. She sits and tries asking about old relations. Kosi drinks wine and finishes the bottle. Shraddha says you have great capacity to drink it all, I want to know whats the matter troubling you, I will not tell anyone. Kosi says yes, there is a secret. She drinks more wine and asks do you think I m fool to drink wine and say everything. She twists Shraddha’s ear and scolds her. Shraddha goes. Kosi says she came to know secret from me, the day truth comes out, Pandey family will get shaken up.

Kosi taunts Thapki about going out and working, and men manage home, if Sankara do this, I will cut her hair with scissor and make her sit at home.



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