Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki falling unconscious after doing naagin dance. Bihaan and others try to make her come in her senses. Bihaan sprinkles water on her face. Thapki gains consciousness and asks why you people are here, what happened to me. She holds her head and looks at her clothes, asking them why she is wearing this dress and ghungroo. Vasu says you have….Thapki asks did I do anything wrong. Kabir is surprised too. Sankara and Neha smirks. Preeti says you was dancing on the song Main Teri Dushman. Suman says you have scratched Bihaan saying main tere dushman. Thapki looks at his scratches and says I don’t remember anything. Shraddha calls mental hospital and asks them to take mad Thapki from here. Bihaan gets up and says she is not mad? Vasu says she is not bad, but stressed out,

says you are mad to marry Dhruv, the star. Bihaan says I don’t know what is right and wrong, but for humanity sake, I am telling you to take care of yourself. Kabir looks on. Shraddha asks are you mad to tell you this. Bihaan says I know what she has done with me along with her husband, but now I will get back this house. I have made arrangements for money. He shows the pamphlet and says he is taking part in this game show and will earn crores.

Preeti asks if you are selected. Bihaan says he got his name registered and will win too. Suman says your destiny will win. Bihaan says I have lost because of my destiny, now I will play depending on everyone’s destiny. He says someone told me that if I try to want something, then I will get it, that person seems to be liar. Thapki cries and says I loved you truly Bihaan, you will win the house and I will win you.

Thapki is in her room. Kabir comes to her and tries to take out her ghungroo. She asks him to leave her foot. Kabir says your legs might be paining, and says he will apply ointment. Thapki gets up and asks why he is acting. Kabir asks what about her daily acts to make Bihaan win. Thapki says I really don’t remember, and tells that Bihaan will win surely. She is about to go, and her dupatta gets stuck to the table. Thapki asks what is this misbehavior and asks him to leave her dupatta. Kabir frees her dupatta from the table and tells that he didn’t mean to hurt her and came here as he is concerned for her. He says the feelings which I have for you…Thapki says I have nothing to do with you or your feelings.

Later Sankara comes near the gold fish and says you are real magician. You made Thapki do naagin dance. She says I will put Thapki’s dupatta thread in water and see what happens. She says when that mad Neha can do magic, why not I? She is about to put cloth piece in the fish bowl, but just then Thapki comes and slaps her hard. Sankara asks how dare you to slap me. Neha comes and says I have fun to fool you. Sankara asks what? Neha says what do you think that you can control Thapki without me, and says no, only I can control her.. Sankara says she is infront of us, and can hear us. Neha tells that Thapki will not hear anything as she is in my control now. Thapki looks on as her mind is controlled by Neha.

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She says I slapped you, but hands was of Thapki. Sankara apologizes to her and asks what you have done with Thapki. Neha says I have cut middle finger nail in the fish bowl, and her heart is connected now. She puts something in the water. Thapki comes to her senses and thinks how did I come here. She holds her head and thinks what is happening with me. Sankara says you are not mad as you seems to be, you are my Guru Maa. I will not do anything now and smiles. Neha smiles.

Later Thapki tells Bihaan that he said right that true heart’s wish is always fulfilled and says you will realize this when you will win. Bihaan says are you trying to betray me again, and says distance between us can never end. Thapki is teary eyes and think there is no distance between us, and Kabir is between us. She says once you win, you will get this house, and I will get you. Bihaan prays for Thapki’s health and happiness. Later he dreams about his romantic union with Thapki. Thapki tells Bihaan that they have together today. Bihaan says I have a life because of you, else I would have die. Thapki says we will be together and nobody can separate us. Just then the flower rope is broken and Thapki is about to fall from the swing. Thapki says I have to go, I love you so much. Bihaan says you will not go, I will go. Thapki says I am getting death infront of you and that is enough for me. She falls down. Dream end. Bihaan gets up shockingly and thinks my Thapki can’t leave me. He recalls their divorce and thinks my Thapki left me. He thinks why I am thinking that Thapki is right, and she has love for me in her eyes.

Neha makes Thapki fly on the bed while sleeping, as she pours water in the fish bowl. Thapki wakes up and shouts being scared.


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