Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu coming to Bihaan and tells him if he thinks Thapki is wrong, and says Thapki is always because of love, it is lovely pat which can be given in every circumstances, and asks if he understood. Bihaan looks at Thapki who is standing in the balcony and cries. Bihaan look at the bonfire and tells Vasu that pat/Thapki becomes a slap if it is planted on the cheek, and says this Thapki only leave us alone, and made us drown in tears. He says same Thapki becomes a pain. He says she has become a slap for me who can’t give anything rather than feeling pity or sympathy. Vasu says our Thapki is not like this. Bihaan says our Thapki is changed and asks her not to waste her motherly love on Thapki else you will also lose your everything like me. Thapki hears everything and cries.

Bihaan goes. Vasu signs Thapki that she can’t do anything. Thapki cries. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati hai plays………………..Both of them come from opposite sides and look at each other.

Thapki turns and looks at Bihaan. Bihaan also looks at her as her dupatta gets stuck to his watch. Thapki asks him to listen to her once. Bihaan takes out his watch and breaks it angrily. Thapki asks him not to get much angry and says we have already lost much because of your anger. Bihaan says what is left now, we had already lost everything. Thapki says we can talk with love and not with anger. Bihaan says I am dead and just have hatred for you. If any of my things touches you, then I will break that thing, as you are not more anymore, but of someone else. Thapki asks him to listen to her once and cries badly. Bihaan walks out.

Kabir comes to meet Neha. Neha is holding candle and acts madly. Kabir tries to calm her down and gives her injection. Neha calms down and sleeps. Kabir cries badly and his tears fall on her cheeks. She asks if you are crying? Kabir says no. Neha says I am with you, even my husband is with you…take me home. Kabir covers her with blanket and makes her sleep. He cries thinking about Sankara’s words that there is nothing more than his motive, and thinks she said right that my motive is clear…I have to get justice for my sister, says Bihaan Pandey…I will ruin you.

Bihaan brings car. Kabir thanks him and says we will do honeymoon in Pandey nivas as we don’t have anything to hide. He says nobody is going to stay here and tells that all Pandey family will be leaving from here. He says why I am thinking that Pandey family and you haven’t read the notice. Bihaan reads the notice in which Thapki is asking everyone to leave home in 24 hours, else law will make them vacate the house. Thapki asks Kabir..when did I ask you this. Kabir says I have done what you asked me to do. Preeti says how can you kick us from our awesome home. Sankara says Thapki did what she wanted, and asks her not to beg infront of her. She says we will leave from here. Bihaan looks on.

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Thapki follows Bihaan while he goes inside. Bihaan thinks about Kabir’s words that Pandey family shall leave within 24 hours. Sankara comes to Bihaan and asks him not to worry, as she has thought everything. She says we will go to our village, you do work in the farm and I will bring tiffin for you. Then I will wipe your sweat and you can rest on my lap. She says I will sing song for you. Bihaan gets irritated and goes. Sankara smiles.

Thapki comes to her room and packs Kabir’s stuff in the bag. Kabir asks what you have done? Thapki says she is doing what she is supposed to do long back and says Pandey family will not leave, but you. Kabir tries to stop her. Thapki says it is matter of my Pandey family, I won’t let you do anything and asks him to leave. Kabir says you can’t do anything. Thapki asks really? She says I am owner of the house and not you. I will decide who will stay here and who will not. She asks him to take his stuff and leave. Kabir throws his bag on bed, and takes out papers from cupboard. He says you can decide if this house is on your name? He shows the legal papers in which she has transferred property on Kabir’s name. Thapki is shocked seeing it.

Bihaan asks Thapki to break the pots and do last rites of all the relatives of Pandey family. Thapki cries badly.


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