Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha thanking doctor for lying to her family that she is pregnant. She pays money for his lie. She sends him and says I did not know my acting would be of use, I acted that night that Dhruv and I united, the truth is nothing happened between us that night. She recalls how she added tablets and made Dhruv sleep. She says its good Dhruv came close to me, and now even Vasundara will accept me.

Aditi and Diwakar argue. Diwakar and his mum say they were just acting good. Poonam asks how can they fool them like this. Aditi says we can’t expect anything else from them, and scolds them.

Thapki looks for newspaper. Bihaan uses it to clean Rampyaari. Thapki rushes and gets it, saying its fresh newspaper. He says its all same for me, be away. O ranjhana….plays………. she says I did not read it in morning. She takes the paper and slips. He holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. Vasundara comes out and sees them arguing. Vasundara asks Bihaan why is he troubling Thapki. Thapki says I want this newspaper, no one read it, he is not giving. Vasundara says Thapki is saying right, listen to your wife, respect your wife. She gives newspaper to Thapki. Thapki thanks her and goes.

Bihaan says Maa you know Thapki did all this to know marriage truth. Vasundara says she did right, if she did not do this, I would have not known her truth, forget what happened, its for everyone’s good. She goes. He recalls Shraddha’s words and says no, like she cheated me, I can never forget this, she will always be wrong for me.

Vasundara goes to take care of Shraddha and takes juice for her. She gets shocked seeing Shraddha dancing and shouts Shraddha. She stops music and asks her to care for baby. Shraddha thinks there is no baby, just see what happens. She says I was feeling like dancing, its one of my mood swings. Vasundara says look at yourself, sit here and take a breath, wait for sometime and drink juice.

Suman and Preeti come there. Shraddha says she wants to see dance. Preeti says we will play songs and see dance on tv. Shraddha says no, I want to see live dance at home. Suman asks who will do. Shraddha says you two, I know you both won’t make me upset. Vasundara asks them to dance, Shraddha is pregnant, is she is asking you to dance, then dance. She plays music. Jalebi bai…. Plays………. Suman and Preeti dance. Shraddha smiles and thinks you both also troubled me, see how I make you dance.

Shraddha asks them not to stop and dance more. Suman and Preeti get tired and fall down. They still dance. Shraddha praises their dance. Preeti thanks her. Suman says now we will leave. Shraddha says one more song. Suman says I have kept milk on gas, I will go. Preeti says we will come back and dance. Suman asks Preeti why was she dancing like this, Shraddha was making fun of us. Preeti says I did not think this, we have to do something to take revenge from Shraddha.

Vasundara tells Shraddha that everyone does not get blessing to become mother, this is 9 month test, you have responsibility of a small child, take care and eat well, go for regular checkups, I will take you now, get ready. Shraddha gets tensed. Vasundara says I will call Dhruv, go with him. Shraddha says I m going with my dad, that doctor is dad’s friend, he gave me tomorrow’s appointment. Vasundara says its good, fine, but keep eating something.

Dadi tells everyone that Shraddha can’t eat junk food. She asks Shraddha not to eat til laddoos. She asks Suman and Preeti to throw all this in bin. Shraddha sees sweets and says if its here, let me eat it for last time. Dadi says food affects the child, you stop seeing action movies, you will just hear bhajan and see devotional movies. She asks Thapki about Bihaan. She sees Bihaan and stops him, asking him to get devotional movies cds.

Shraddha is alone in kitchen and says this old woman made Suman throw everything, what shall I eat now. She takes til laddoo box. Thapki sees this and gets shocked. She asks what are you doing Shraddha.

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