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The Episode starts with Thapki going for the interview. She prays to Lord that interview goes well, everyone’s hope are on this interview. She goes to meet minister. He welcomes her. He says I believe woman and man are equal, if woman can touch husband’s feet, why can’t husband can’t her feet. He says I touch my wife’s feet every money, she is my strength and inspiration, the credit for my success goes to my wife. He gets a call and asks his wife to get snacks for Thapki. His daughter waves to Thapki. He comes back and says I m sorry, it was Pm’s call, I have to go and attend meeting, we will keep this interview tomorrow. Thapki says sure. He says I will leave, have snacks and go, say my greetings to Balwinder. He goes.

Thapki sees some marks on minister’s wife’s hand and gets a doubt. Suman and Preeti have a talk. Preeti wears helmet and says she is saving her head. Suman asks why, who will break our head. Preeti says Vasundara has become angry woman, if she can scold Thapki and take keys back, what will she do with us. Suman agrees and says we can get saved if we agree to Vasundara in everything.

Thapki comes home and recalls minister. Bau ji and Bihaan ask Thapki about interview, did she get to see any truth which no one knows. She says interview could not happen today, minister had to go for work, and called me for interview tomorrow, he wished greetings to Bau ji. Bau ji says give my greetings to him tomorrow. Kosi says its kalyug that men manage home and women go out to work, if Sankara does this, I will cut her hair with scissor and make her sit at home. Sankara gives scissors and asks Kosi to cut her hair. Vasundara takes scissors and says do these drama in your house, you all will be going to your village soon, there is much dirt since they came, we have to keep puja of house peace and purity.

Thapki and Bihaan along others do the puja. Naman plays song and disturbs them. Kosi dances. Sankara sits in puja and Kosi gets angry. She drags Sankara and makes her dance. Vasundara asks pandit to continue puja, I will just come. She shouts on them to stop this. Kosi scolds Sankara and makes Sankara dance again. Sankara’s feet gets hurt by glass pieces and she still dances. Kosi does not listen to Vasundara. Thapki stops Vasundara from throwing more glasses, see Sankara’s state, stop her. Kosi says Sankara won’t stop. Sankara gets dizzy. Thapki scolds Kosi and says Sankara is a human, I won’t let any injustice happen with her.


She asks Vasundara to make wrong right, if we do this, what will be difference between them and us. She tells Kosi to see Sankara’s state. She scolds Kosi and says about humanity. Kosi asks her to stop it now, I get headache, how did Vasundara gets this stammering girl for Bihaan, is there any match with Bihaan, even stepmum won’t do this, I think Vasundara is Bihaan’s real mum. They all get shocked. Bihaan shouts on Kosi and says my Maa is Lord for me, and Thapki is more imp than myself, don’t say a word, I m saying for the last time, if you cross limits, I will forget my limit.

Kosi sends Sankara and says till I m here, there won’t be any peace in this house and your life. Thapki asks Sankara what is she doing. Sankara says I m getting chuna from wall to apply on wound. Thapki says this will spread infection, I will apply medicine. She does the aid. Sankara asks why do you stammer. Thapki says I have this weakness since birth, maybe Lord made me such. Sankara says you may feel bad.

Thapki says everyone has weakness, difference is my weakness is seen by everyone, person should fight with weakness, not lose, you should do this, why do you bear pain. Sankara says you just saw Kosi’s anger, not love, Kosi’s heart is like coconut, soft, when I do mistake, she will beat me to explain me, every parent do this, I will not apply makeup today, I have ache in feet, I will go, I have to make food for Kosimaa and Chacha ji.

Vasundara gives money to Kosi and says I will give more, just leave this house. Kosi drags a sack and pours money bundles on the bed. She says I can give you more money, I came to take the precious thing, you know it well, I will take it. Vasundara says you had nothing, now you won’t stay here for a day, its Janmashtami, it will be last day for you. Kosi says we will see who will go from here, I promise I will create such drama that world will see. Naman looks on.

Vasundara says fine, we will see. She leaves. Kosi tells Naman what she said to Naman. She gives a small key and says when entire Pandey family will be busy, we will find its lock. Naman says I will find it in old trunk. She says it will be competition between Pandey and Jaiswal family, lets see who wins.

Its morning, Dadi asks Bihaan to be careful while doing celebrations. Bihaan fixes the dahi handi. Dadi says this time, you will break the matki. Suman says we do act of Krishna’s birth, everyone take part in play. Shraddha acts good and says I love Krishna’s play, he is idol of love. Dadi says Bihaan will become Krishna. He says Vasundara will become Yashoda like always. Thapki asks Vasundara to see arrangements.

Vasundara says we did not do arrangements to make Kosi out, do that duty well. They see Sankara coming with injured feet. Sankara says water went in her ear when she took bath, so she was jumping to get water out of ear. Suman tells her to come in Janmashtami puja. Sankara says I can’t go against Kosi. Bihaan says don’t be scared, we all are with you, no one will stop you. Thapki stops Bihaan. Bihaan sees Kosi and Naman, and says you don’t need to be afraid of anyone Sankara, you have to do our work, you have to believe Kosi and Naman Chacha ji stay here illegally and they have fake property papers.

Kosi claps and says great, you all give big lectures on values and humanity… Thapki goes upstairs. Kosi asks why are you provoking an innocent girl. Vasundara says we are showing her right way. Kosi says to make us leave, this won’t happen. Vasundara says we will see. Thapki looks for something in Kosi’s room and gets some papers from trunk. Kosi asks Sankara to get food for her in her room and goes.
Thapki gets the small key. Bihaan says they are going towards the room and messages Thapki to leave fast. The key falls in Thapki’s bag. She gets message and leaves. Kosi stops Thapki and ask why do you look tensed, did you steal anything. Thapki says this is our house. Naman asks where are you going. Thapki argues. Kosi asks her not to talk and leave.

Bihaan asks Thapki about papers. She gives the property agreement and asks him to do the work, we have less time, we have to make them leave anyhow. Shraddha follows Kosi and Naman, and thinks what are they doing in storeroom. Naman tries to open the trunk lock. They open the trunk and see many things. Naman gets a small box out of it and shows her. Kosi gets shocked seeing some golden locket.

Shraddha looks on and thinks I did not see this locket till now, there is some connection. Kosi checks the small key is gone and asks where did it go. He says we will find key, else what will we do of this locket. Naman keeps locket back in trunk and they leave. Shraddha gets the locket and says I was finding secret and got this idiot locket, its useless. She says it looks imp, I will keep this, maybe it comes for any use.

Thapki gets shocked seeing minister hurting his wife. She records the video. Minister sees her and she gets shocked.



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