Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th March 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Tina about the tape on her mouth. Tina says she had stick it so that nobody can hear her sound. Shraddha eyes evilly and asks Sankara to marry happily and says this girl will not do anything. Thapki applies wound on Tina’s wound. Thapki and Bihaan ask why didn’t you take Sankara and Shraddha’s name. Tina says if I had taken their name, nobody would have believed me, and says we will expose them. Bani says ghajab. Thapki tells Bihaan that their kids are mature now. Sankara gets ready for marriage and thinks to kajal on her forehead. Tina and Bani comes there. They laugh. Sankara asks why you both are laughing at me and holds Tina’s hand tightly and hurts her. Bani asks why you are hurting her. Sankara says I am going to become her mum,

and can do anything. Bihaan comes, sees Sankara hurting her and asks what she is doing? Sankara says she is loving her daughter. Bihaan says I have never seen your motherly love and tells that now he will see and will give her same love more than she has given Tina. Sankara smiles.

Pandit ji asks them to bring the bride. Suman says she is coming by herself. Shraddha brings her. Sankara tells her that Bihaan promised to give her much love. Shraddha suspects Bihaan’s intention. Thapki comes and collides with Sankara. Bihaan argues with Thapki for colliding with Sankara and tells that he will hold her neck and press like this, and presses Sankara’s neck. Shraddha asks him to leave her and says she is your to be wife. Sankara asks her if he has gone mad. Shraddha says we will handle him later. Bani and Tina sign Thapki. Bihaan and Sankara sit for marriage. Bani and Tina make the fake housefly like insects fly around Sankara. Sankara says what is this? Bihaan gets up from the mandap and takes the gun. He tells that he will not leave the insect and runs after Sankara to kill the insect. Sankara also runs. Vasu tells Dhruv that Bihaan is acting strangely and tells that he seems to have got the attack. Dhruv says this marriage can’t happen. Sankara also says she can’t marry now. Bihaan tries to convince her and asks don’t you love me. Vasu tells him that he can fulfill the rituals if he is fine and asks him not to marry now. Bihaan asks Sankara to come with her and takes her out of house.

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Sankara asks where you are taking me. Bihaan asks her not to move and gives his promise. He brings wood and lights it on fire. Sankara asks what you are doing? Bihaan says this is for my last rites, we will die together. He says we will set an example that lovers can die together too. Sankara refuses to die with him and asks have you gone mad. Bihaan says you loves me naa. Sankara says I don’t love you. Bihaan says you have made me fine and gave medicines. Sankara says I gave medicine to make you mad so that you never get fine or remember Thapki. Bihaan says you are lying? Sankara says no and tells that she made Thapki leave 7 years ago, and blackmailed her. Bihaan says you have taken care of Tina and gave her mother’s love. Sankara says she don’t love Tina, but hate her. She says Tina is not an orphan and is daughter of you and Thapki. Thapki tells everything that she was away from home because of Sankara. Suman asks did you get your memory back. Bihaan says I have acted so that I can bring your true face. Bani and Tina hugs Bihaan. Bani says even Dadi is with us.

Vasu says one more person is involved and tells that her name is Shraddha. Sankara says yes, she was involved. Shraddha slaps her to stop her from speaking the truth. She tells Vasu that she supported Sankara else don’t know what she would have done. She asks Vasu to beat her with chappal. Sankara grabs Shraddha’s neck. Inspector comes. Thapki says you must have heard everything. Inspector says yes and tells that she will get rotten in jail. Sankara apologizes to Bihaan and asks him to send her to village. Bihaan says I would have forgiven you, but you have harmed Thapki and my kids. Inspector arrests her and takes her with him. Thapki and Bihaan looks on.

Balwinder tells that Vasu is taking Bihaan and his family to fulfill the mannat. Shraddha hears him and think that Thapki have made her naukrani in the house and she will take revenge with her.


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