Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thapki asks Shraddha what is she doing? Shraddha hides the sesame laddoos box and says I was thinking to do some work. Thapki asks her to leave work and take care of her and her unborn baby. Shraddha nods and goes.

Thapki’s bhabhis receive DVD from a courier. They argue and think to watch english film to become like Shraddha. They argue to get it, but hearing Vasundara, they ask each other to keep it. Vasundara comes and asks them to make Aam ras for Shraddha. They hide the DVD and goes. Bihaan talks to someone and asks about the songs. He is informed that one DVD have songs and others is having bhajan. He says ok. He comes to room and plays song DVD but bhajan DVD plays. He thinks wrong DD have reached Dadi. Dadi asks Shraddha to sit and Balwinder play DVD. Dadi asks him to play it again. He says it will come now. Dadi asks Shraddha to see it carefully and it will have good impact on baby. Just then Bihaan comes and changes the DVD. Preeti plays the DVD and hindi song plays. Her husband scolds her and asks her to romance with the song.

Bihaan plays song CD and english DVD CD plays. Thapki gets embarassed and so is Bihaan…. She shuts her ears. Bihaan switches off TV.

Thapki comes in the room and sees Bihaan. Bihaan gets scared seeing some movie. Thapki shuts ears. Bihaan tries to shut movie. He removes the plug. He switches on lights. She asks were you saying such bad film, did you forget I also stay in this room. He says I got some cheap songs and this movie came along. She calls him cheap and says you are doing this to take revenge, how did this movie come when you did not get it. He throws and breaks the dvd player. He asks are you happy now? He leaves.

Shraddha says I wanted to see romantic movie, and they want me to see devotional movie, don’t know for how many things will they stop me, I will eat my fav til laddoos before anyone comes. She eats the laddoos. Thapki comes out to throw junk. She sees Shraddha eating til laddoos. She says I remember well, Dadi strictly stopped Shraddha from eating til laddoos. She goes to Shraddha and asks what are you doing. Shraddha gets shocked and asks what. Thapki asks why are you eating til laddoos, you know its good to have this during pregnancy. Shraddha asks are you spying on me, see I m eating gond laddoos, not til laddoos, Dadi said its good for me and baby. Thapki says sorry. Shraddha says its fine, I know you are concerned for me and my baby, I will go and sleep now. She goes.

Vasundara gives dalya to Shraddha and says its healthy for pregnant ladies. Shraddha sees Suman and Preeti smiling. She says I dreamt that I m eating fresh mangoes, I want to have mangoes, else I will get unwell. Bihaan hears them. Shraddha asks for mangoes. Vasundara says fine, I will get mangoes. She asks Suman and Preeti to get mangoes from the garden. They leave. Shraddha makes faces seeing dalya and says you want me to eat this dalya, I will see you. She says I will also go to get mangoes. Vasundara says no need, I will go. Shraddha smiles and thinks Vasundara will get ill now. Thapki stops Vasundara and says I will get raw mangoes, its much heat outside. Vasundara says then we don’t need to worry. Thapki goes. Shraddha says go and die in heat Thapki. Vasundara feeds dalya to Shraddha.
Badi and choti are trying to pluck mangoes. Thapki gives them a slingshot.
Badi bhabhi says you know how to play it? She says yes Bihaan told me once.
Shradha eats the mango and says this is not good. Badi bhabhi gives her one more. Shradha says i don’t like this either. Choti says how can they all be bad? Thapki gives her one more.

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