Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan seeing Sankara in his room. He asks how dare you to come to my room again. Sankara says I am your wife and will have suhaag raat with you, just like Kabir is having suhaag raat with Thapki. Sankara says we are one from heart and asks him to make them one physically. She asks him to make her fully married. Bihaan pushes her and tells that she can never be his wife. Sankara thinks Bihaan have to accept her and nobody can stop her from getting him. Some eunuchs come to take nek from Aditi. Vasu says pregnant woman is here. They bless her. Shraddha thinks she called eunuchs here, and the goon is also among them. She thinks his goon will make her have poisonous sweet and her baby will be aborted. He gives sweets to Aditi. Aditi takes it in her hand and says she will

eat. They bless Dhruv and Aditi and take nek. Kabir stops them and asks to bless the newly weds, that’s them.

Kabir tells that they are newly married. Eunuchs bless them to stay for 7 births. Thapki looks on. Kabir asks them to tell if Thapki suits him better or her ex husband. Eunuch says you both are made for each other, that’s why she got separated from Bihaan. Bihaan is shattered. Eunuchs dance around Thapki and Kabir. Thapki gets a call and goes out. She asks the detective agency to find out about Kabir Katyal everything. Detective agrees. Thapki says so Mr. Kabir Katyal, I will find out why you are doing this with me and then I will tell your truth to everyone. While eunuchs are going, one of them collides with Thapki and his wig falls down. Thapki is shocked. Other Eunuchs ask him if he is a goon. Thapki recalls that goon giving sweets to Aditi and is shocked.

Shraddha asks Aditi to have sweets given by eunuch and says it contains their blessings for your baby. Aditi takes sweets in her hand to eat it, but just then Thapki enters and asks Aditi to stop. She throws sweets on floor and tells Aditi that something was added in the sweets to harm her baby. Shraddha asks what you are saying? Thapki tells her that the eunuch was actually a man with whom she collided, and he ran away. Shraddha says it was good that he ran away, else I would have beat him for trying to harm Aditi’s baby. Eunuchs bring that goon there and tell that goon’s motive was to harm her baby. Dhruv asks him to tell who asked him to poisoned Aditi. Goon points finger at Shraddha. Shraddha is shocked. Thapki goes to Shraddha and slaps her hard. She says how dare you to try to harm my sister’s baby. Shraddha faints. Vasu says she is acting to get saved and asks her to get up. Suman asks if she is dead and says she will wake her up. She puts water on her face and asks her to get up. Vasu helps her get up.

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Aditi asks Shraddha why she is doing this with her, and why she is showing enmity on her baby. Dhruv says we will give her to Police. Vasu says we can’t give her to Police as she is pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Aditi asks what? Vasu says she is also pregnant like you. Thapki says how can it be possible? Vasu says I checked her nerves and came to know that she is pregnant. Suman says she got pregnant without marriage. Aditi says you got pregnant. Vasu asks whose baby is this? Aditi asks her to tell whose baby is this, whose illegitimate baby is this. Shraddha says your husband’s baby. Dhruv is shocked. Shraddha says my ex husband’s Dhruv. This is Dhruv’s baby. Everyone is shocked. Aditi looks on shell shocked. Shraddha’s dad asks what you are saying? Shraddha says I am saying truth, my baby’s dad is Dhruv Pandey. Dhruv says I had never have such relations with you. She says my wife is just Aditi.

Suman asks have you gone mad? Aditi asks her not to blame her husband to get him and says I will kill you. Dhruv comforts Aditi. Shraddha asks them to get DNA test done. Vasu asks her to leave the house. She asks her father to take her else she will kick her out. Shraddha’s dad takes her from there. Suman says she left from here. Vasu asks Dhruv not to worry and says we all trust you. Bihaan says yes, I know Bhai…you can’t do this big mistake as you can’t betray anyone. Aditi hugs Dhruv and cries. Thapki gets a call. Detective tells that he couldn’t get any info about Kabir Katyal, and says if he is a ghost or human. Thapki says I have to find out who is he. Kabir comes and keeps hand on her shoulder asking what she is going to do.

Kabir tells Thapki that they didn’t have mehendi before marriage and says he will write his name Kabir Katyal on her hand with mehendi, and says now we are one. Sankara smiles looking at Bihaan. Bihaan is shattered and jealous.


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