Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Thapki in the school mic asking Bihaan to come and take Tina who is with her. Bihaan comes to the play ground, followed by his family members. Thapki is shocked to see them. Sankara and Shraddha also come there. Bani asks Tina who are they? Tina says this is my family. Bani smiles. Tina says this is Bani’s mum. Thapki folds her hands and touches Balwinder’s feet. Tina asks why did you touch my dada’s feet. Bani says ghajab…Everyone is susprised. Bani says now we are friends, and says your family is mine also. She touches his feet also. Balwinder asks about her name. Bani says B for Bani. Shraddha and Sankara are shocked, while Balwinder and Preeti are happy. Shraddha says how did she come here? Sankara asks her to do something. Balwinder says we felt good to meet

you. Bani meets Anu and Veer. Thapki recalls Aditi’s daughter and gets emotional. Sankara says lets go home, else police will come. Thapki recalls Sankara threatening her 7 years back. Bani asks why Police will come. Shraddha says she means security. Thapki takes Bani and leaves. Bihaan asks Balwinder if he knows them. Shraddha says no, and says just now Tina introduced us.
Bani tells Thapki that Tina has a big family, but we have just you and me, says it would have been good if we had a big family. Thapki is upset. They come home. Sankara comes out of Thapki’s home. Bani says you are Tina’s mum, how did you come here. Sankara asks her to take her stuff and leave from here. Thapki says I have accepted all your sayings till now, but now I will not go from here. Shraddha comes there. Thapki tells her that Sankara is blackmailing her since 7 years. Shraddha slaps Sankara and asks her to give ticket to Thapki first. She says it was her idea to kick her out of city. Thapki is shocked. She gets Preeti’s call and she informs her that she got her number from school and that she wants to meet her. Thapki says even I want to meet my family and missed you all. Preeti call her to meet. Shraddha asks Thapki if you will meet them. Thapki says yes, I will meet my family. Shraddha threatens Thapki…..

Sankara says Bihaan have become lamp and Thapki became dabangg and says it seems Thapki doesn’t know anything about Bihaan’s condition. Shraddha says nothing will happen and says she will stop Thapki’s stammering tongue. Thapki comes to meet Preeti and Balwinder. He shows her Bihaan’s childhood pic and says when I met him for the first time, he said ghajab when I asked him to come with us. He says when Bani told Ghajab, I reminisces Bihaan saying the same. He says I know Bani is Bihaan and your daughter. Thapki asks him about everyone and asks about Aditi. Preeti says everything is changed. Balwinder is about to tell her about Aditi’s death, just then she gets Shraddha’s message and gets scared and runs away from there.
Sankara comes and scolds Preeti and Balwinder for trying to talk to Thapki and asks if they want to kill her Bihaan. Thapki runs back to school and sees Sankara and her agreement paper’s copies on the walls of school. She tries to take it off all. She asks what is all this? Shraddha says what did you think that I will not do anything? You are completely wrong and says now everyone will know the truth and Bihaan will go to jail and get hanged. He will be punished after 7 years. Thapki is shocked and says you will not do anything. Shraddha asks who will stop me? You? She says infact I have called Bihaan here, so that you can show him his death stuff, he will die with heart attack before getting hanged. Thapki says no, I won’t let anything happen to him She picks the fallen papers also, and also all the papers stick to the walls. Meanwhile Bihaan is coming there. He comes in the lift and sees Thapki taking off paper from the wall.
Bihaan asks Thapki to show what is in the paper. Shraddha says I will show you, and gives paper to Bihaan. Bihaan reads it. Thapki is shocked.


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