Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir coming to Thapki and says he wants to give something to his cute wife. Sankara asks Bihaan to come with her. Bihaan asks her to leave him. Sankara asks don’t you want to see Thapki. She takes him to her room. Kabir sees them coming and makes Thapki sit. He says I thought to do mehendi ritual and write my name Kabir Katyal on your hand, as we married in a hurry without any rasams. Thapki asks him to leave her hand. Bihaan tries to go inside. Sankara stops him and says what you will do between husband and wife, they are looking happy. Kabir writes his name on Thapki’s hand. Bihaan gets angry and goes. Sankara smirks. Thapki wipes her hand with tissue paper. Kabir says I am your husband now and you can’t keep me far away from you, never. Thapki thinks to expose

Kabir and kick him out of house.

Aditi breaks the things in the room. Dhruv tries to calm her down and reminds her of her pregnancy. Aditi shows faith on him and says their relations is for births. They hear the song playing Maang Bharo and go out of room. They see Shraddha romancing Dhruv and getting intimate with him. Everyone is shocked. Shraddha says welcome…..Sankara smirks. Shraddha says this is a trailer and says if you don’t believe me then I have full recording. Dhruv tells that this is a lie. He tells Thapki that it is a lie.

Shraddha asks Thapki to stay there itself and not to stammer infront of her. She asks why everyone is so shocked and speechless. Shraddha asks Aditi to stab her. She asks Dhruv if he remembers the night which they have spent and asks Vasu if she liked the trailor, and says this is truth. She says I am not forcing other’s baby on your family, this baby is of your son. She asks if you will kick your grand son’s mum out of house. She tells that she will stay with Dhruv. She says I love you Dhruv and kisses on his cheeks. Everyone is embarrassed. Aditi cries and goes to her room.

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Aditi is in shocked and recalls what Shraddha had said. Dhruv comes to Aditi and swears that he didn’t do anything. He asks did you remember we had drank some drink, and says may be something was added in that Champagne. He asks her to believe him and says I am not wrong. Aditi packs her bags. Thapki asks Aditi not to take any wrong step. Aditi tells her that she has no relation with Dhruv. She asks Dhruv, if he don’t felt any difference between her and Shraddha. Dhruv says he couldn’t know because of drugs. Aditi is shattered. She tells that Shraddha will never separate from him now and she (Aditi) can never unite with him again. She packs her bags and is about to leave. Dhruv folds his hands and says I haven’t betrayed you. Bihaan says Aditi’s heart is broken by you. You have given her pain of life. He asks Dhruv to leave from there, as he has snatched her everything. Thapki says what you are saying? You should unite them rather than breaking. Bihaan says I know you will say this. He tells Dhruv that only he can understand what Aditi is feeling now. He says it is better to leave until she forgives you. Dhruv looks at Aditi and leaves from this room. Aditi cries and says Shraddha have snatched my everything. Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other. Shraddha thinks to take revenge from everyone one by one. She sees Sankara doing puja of Shraddha’s photo and is surprised. She asks what is this nautanki? Shraddha says Guru Maa ki jai. She asks her to teach her how to get Bihaan? Shraddha says I know how to snatch? Sankara says it is same and asks her to teach her.

Thapki tells Shraddha how she can face anyone after doing a big sin. She says you can’t be happy as you have snatched my sister’s happiness. Shraddha says I am very happy. Thapki tries to slap her. Shraddha stops her and asks her not to dare slap her, and says you have no relation with Pandey family, but I have relation with Dhruv and his family. Thapki says you have trapped Dhruv by cheat and says you have stoop so low and played a dirty trick. Shraddha says even you have done same by cheating Bihaan and marrying Kabir. She says whatever I do, I accept it, but you don’t have the guts to accept your doings. She says bye…Mrs. Kabir Katyal. Thapki thinks about Shraddha’s words that she has betrayed Bihaan.

Thapki follows Kabir and sees him coming somewhere. She thinks to check and sees someone sitting on chair. She turns the chair towards her and looks on shocked.


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