Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki scolding Sankara and making her serve her many dishes. She asks Sankara to massage her legs as she is eating food. Suman stops Sankara and asks Thapki what is this misbehavior. Thapki asks Suman not to do mistake and asks Suman to massage her leg instead. Vasu tells Thapki that your health is unwell and asks her to come for check up. Thapki says you are mad to think that I am Thapki and says you all shall need to see doctor. She asks her not to do mistake and call her Thapki. She scolds Sankara for massaging her leg wrongly and kicks her. Sankara falls down. Thapki gets up and starts beating Sankara. Neha smirks. Everyone is shocked. Kabir is stunned. Sankara cries and asks her not to beat her. Thapki with stick in her hand runs after Thapki. Bihaan comes and asks

Thapki whathappened to you. Thapki asks Bihaan to move from her way and brings a rod to hit them. Vasu throws the rod and slaps her hard asking her to come back to senses. Thapki looks angrily at her……..

She tells Kosi’s dialogues and asks how dare you to raise hand on me and twists Vasu’s hand. Vasu is shocked and shouts. Bihaan catches Thapki and asks her what happened to her. Doctor tells them that they need to give her electric shock else her condition will deteriorate. Doctor gives her electric shock…..Neha smiles happily. Thapki shouts….Everyone gets teary eyes looking at her condition. Thapki Pyaar Ki plays………….Bihaan and Kabir get effected and cries. Sankara brings Neha to room and asks why did you make her Kosi. She says my bones was almost broken if Bihaan wouldn’t have come back.

Neha says she is proved mad because of this incident, this is what we wanted. Thapki gains consciousness and opens her eyes after some time. Doctor prescribes some medicines for her and asks why Doctor came here. Vasu says no. Thapki asks Vasu why she is wearing such clothes and asks if she has done something. Vasu says no. Sankara comes and tells everything to Thapki. She says you have twisted Vasu’s hand, had beaten me and made Suman massage your legs, she says we have stopped you with electric shocks. Bihaan asks her to stop it. Thapki runs to her room. Bihaan follows her. Kabir is about to go also, but Vasu stops him and says Thapki needs Bihaan at the moment.

Thapki goes to her room. Bihaan says your mind is tired and needs rest. Thapki says I am scared that I can do anything wrong. Sankara and Neha look at them. Sankara says Bihaan doesn’t believe that she is mad. Neha puts something on water. Thapki asks Bihaan to stay away from her. Bihaan says you needs rest. Thapki gets controlled by Neha and asks Bihaan to stop it. Bihaan is shocked. Neha and Sankara enjoy the drama. Thapki hits on the bed hard…Bihaan is shocked and try to make her come back to senses. He hugs her and says you are fine. Sankara says she will be fine after going up, just wait and watch. Thapki cries hugging him.

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Bihaan recalls all the happenings and is teary eyes. Vasu comes and asks why he is thinking about Thapki. He should be happy. Bihaan says he can’t see Thapki’s bad state. Vasu says you both are one. Bihaan says if we was one, then we would had never separated. Vasu asks him to believe Thapki and says I am with her. Shraddha comes and asks Bihaan to take torn shawls, as he is more concerned about Thapki and not concerned about the house and earning money. She asks him to concentrate on game and not on Thapki. Bihaan says I am more concerned about Thapki. Vasu smiles and asks him to concentrate on game and save house and Thapki also.

Kabir comes to room and sees Thapki sleeping. He recalls recent happenings and thinks she is in this condition due to stress. He thinks a brother is helpless because of his sister and cries. Thapki sees a dream. Bihaan tells Kabir that he will win the game and house also. Kabir says until I am in your life, you can’t win in the competition, house, or your love. Sankara says Bihaan will be mine only and whoever comes in between us, then that person won’t be alive. Thapki says she will be of Bihaan until she is alive and nobody can separate them. She says tonight is the last day of our separation, as tomorrow morning will unite us for forever. Ranjhana song plays……..Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other smiling.

Bihaan asks Thapki….if she is coming? Thapki says she has to come to see her husband and love winning. Kabir thinks Bihaan will lose today.


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