Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki thinking why did Shraddha ask for raw mangoes, when she did not had it. Shraddha says I will drink wine today after a long time. Thapki comes there and gets shocked. Vasundara, Bau ji and Bihaan come there too. Vasundara asks whats this, wine? Shraddha says this is for you all to celebrate my pregnancy, take this Bau ji. Bau ji says I can’t refuse, we will drink. Bau ji and Bihaan drink the wine.

Vasundara asks them to drink and goes. Thapki sees Shraddha’s expressions. She goes out and Vasundara collides with her. Vasundara asks where is your focus, what happened. Thapki says Shraddha… Vasundara says we will feel she is wrong if she does right, you said Shraddha realized her mistakes, she will change for her baby, I m feeling Shraddha is changing, do you see change in her, you showed trust in Shraddha, your trust won’t break, everything will be fine.

Diwakar goes to take revenge form Aditi. He gets itching powder and says I will put this on you. Something falls and she gets up. She wakes up Poonam and says thief. They catch Diwakar and beat him up. Diwakar’s parents also beat him. Diwakar shouts save me, and they all see him. Diwakar says Aditi was shouting thief, thief has run and I got caught, I have to go and bath, else I will get itching. He makes excuse and leaves.

Shraddha drinks some wine and says I was missing you a lot. Thapki comes there and checks the bottle. She sees its empty and asks where did remaining go. Shraddha says I have thrown it, go and sleep. Thapki gets wine smell from her. Shraddha goes. Thapki thinks whats Shraddha hiding.

Its morning, Thapki calls doctor Shakuntala at home. Vasundara asks why did you call her. Thapki says Doctor will do pregnancy test again. Shraddha asks why, I did it. Thapki says I called doctor so that there should be no risk for baby, its fine if you don’t want to do tests again. Shraddha asks doctor to go. Vasundara asks doctor to check Shraddha, Thapki is right, there is no harm to be double cautious. Doctor checks Shraddha. Doctor takes her blood sample for tests. She says I will send reports till 4pm. Thapki thanks her. Doctor leaves. Thapki says Shraddha, we will know everything after we get reports. Shraddha thinks forget Thapki, I will not let you know anything, I won’t let you get reports.

Thapki talks to doctor and tells Suman that doctor said she has sent reports. Shraddha hears them and says Thapki, you will get this fake reports and I will tear that original reports. She keeps the fake reports in the vase. She acts weak and asks Thapki to get orange juice for her. Thapki says fine. She stops and says I have to check reports first. The man gets the reports. Thapki receives the reports. Shraddha gets tensed. Thapki sees the envelope sealed and says I will open this carefully, papers can get torn. She goes to her room.

Thapki checks the electricity bill and says this is not Shraddha’s pregnancy report. Shraddha receives the reports and says it happened as I thought, Thapki took electricity bill with me, now I will change this real report with fake one. Shraddha goes to the vase and says you oversmart Thapki, you will get fake reports. Thapki comes there and sees Shraddha.

She asks is these reports come now. Shraddha says yes. Thapki says give me, don’t worry, it will be fine. Shraddha gives reports to her and gets tensed.

The eunuchs come and congratulate for coming back. They say if husband lifts wife, he will also get a good child. Dadi makes Bihaan do this rasam. Bihaan lifts Thapki.

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