Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bani to get up and go to Tuition. Bani says I don’t want to go being unwell. Thapki checks her and says you have fever and says she will take leave from office. Bani asks her to go to office and says she will feel better at home. Thapki says today you are asking me to go, and asks her to call her if she feels unwell. Her phone falls down. She bends down and picks her phone, leaves. Bani asks Bihaan and Tina to come out from bed, and says mamma is gone. She tells Bihaan that his idea was awesome, she got temperature due to onion. Tina asks how did you now? Bihaan says I don’t remember. Bani says lets go and play. Bihaan says when my both daughters are insisting, we shall play. Bani says if I am your daughter? Bihaan says yes. They hug Bihaan.


tells Suman that thapki went soon after meeting them and didn’t listen to her. Suman says may be witch Shraddha have done something and puts knife on her pic. Shraddha comes and sees knife pinning to her pic and gets angry. She asks them to sweep the hotel room. Preeti asks where I will get broom? Shraddha asks her to go and get it. Suman tries to attack her with knife, but Preeti shouts and she stops. Shraddha gets tensed too and asks if they saw Bihaan and Tina. Sankara comes there and tells that she has checked everywhere, but Bihaan and Tina are not here.
Bihaan, Tina and Bani are playing outside the house.

Bani hears Thapki’s voice and tells them that Thapki came. He tries to go inside the house, but the house gets locked. Bani gets an idea. Thapki sees Bani outside the house and asks what happened? And asks about her fever. Bani says fever is gone. Thapki sees the scarecrow. Bihaan is hiding inside. Bani says she made it for her. Thapki says it is good. Tina and Bihaan are hiding inside. Shraddha comes to Thapki and asks where is Bihaan? Bani and Thapki looks on.

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Thapki asks Bani to go inside and asks Shraddha and Sankara why did they come there? Shraddha asks where is Bihaan and Tina, and asks her not to hide them. Thapki says this is my house and asks them to leave. Bihaan tells Tina that they have misbehaved with Thapki, and decides to tease them. He pats on Shraddha’s neck and she thinks Sankara is hitting him, gets angry on her. They leave. Bihaan and Tina laugh.

In the night, Bihaan comes to Thapki’s room and admires her. Tere liye music plays……Thapki is sleeping. He thinks why I am looking at her, this is not right, she is Bani’s mum and goes out of room. While he goes, Thapki wakes up with the door sound. He comes back to Tina and Bani and asks them to wake up. He tells that Thapki might have seen him and coming here. Thapki comes to Bani and tells her that a thief entered their house and came to this room. She asks her not to step down from the bed and says she will teach a lesson to thief. Tina sneezes, but hides. Thapki looks on and switches on the lights. She sees Bihaan and Tina and asks Bihaan….you.

Shraddha and Sankara are taking Bihaan from Thapki’s house. Bihaan feels headache and Sankara makes him have tablet. Thapki wonders what happened to him and thinks to find out.


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