Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on
Bihaan was watching Kabir putting turmeric over Thapki, while she disliked. Sankara asks Bihaan to do their ritual as Thapki and Kabir look nice together. Kabir thinks he is sorry for Thapki, but he can’t help it. Vasu watches them from upstairs.
Inside, Vasu brings Kabir inside the room, she hands him a pile of her jewellry and cash and tells him to take it, and leave this house. She pleads on him not to punish her children. Kabir reminds he married Thapki. Vasu calls it a betrayal. Kabir asks what he would do with these valuable, he has come to get rid of pain and it would only be reduced if his wife stays with him. Vasu cries in the room thinking she won’t let a third person live in the life of her daughter. Vasu was praying in her room when a letter fell off the cupboard because

of heavy wind. Vasu reads it thinking this is what Thapki had written to Bihaan, then wonders how this came here. She recalls Bihaan saying he torn that letter; then understands Bihaan must have read another letter.
In the garden, Thapki cleans herself crying that this has to be done only to get Bihaan jealous. She thinks about finding a way. She then looks towards turmeric, and was determined to get to Kabir through this turmeric. She brings to apply turmeric at the back of Kabir’s shoes. Kabir was coming downstairs, while Thapki prepares the shoes. Kabir thinks about leaving, as its time for Nina’s medicine. Thapki thinks now these turmeric marks would get her wherever he goes. She had just stood up when Kabir comes there. He takes the shoes from rack. He figures she had been spying, Thapki replies she won’t tell him for whatever she would be doing. Kabir wish her luck and leaves.
Vasu comes calling Thapki. Sankara comes and hits Vasu, the letter gets down the sofa. Vasu scolds Sankara, but she gets down to help Vasu and finds the letter before Vasu does. Vasu snatches it and leaves. Sankara wonders what was there in the paper, and heads to find about it.

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The driver informs Vasu that he had seem Thapki going out. Vasu was restlessly waiting for Thapki, as she has to unite him and Thapki. Sankara was worried after over hearing this all, she thinks about taking a step right away.
In the kitchen, Dhruv prepares halwa for Aditi, hopeful that she forgives him. He watches Aditi passing by in an off mood, he comes to apologize her, and was determined to keep on trying and get her back one day. He requests her to come with him, as he has planned a surprise for her; it might bring a smile over her face. They come to the kitchen to find Shraddha eating the halwa. Shraddha says she love halwa, and cheerfully says he would be the best papa of the world. Aditi leaves the kitchen as Shraddha kiss his hand. Dhruv shouts, but Shraddha stubbornly compliments the halwa.
Vasu comes to the room, and placing the letter on bed makes a call to Thapki. Sankara comes from behind and was about to take the letter. Vasu turns around right then.


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