Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir coming as a new host of the game show. He says now there will be real fun of the game. Thapki is driving the car, while Neha and Sankara follows her in other car. Neha says now see Thapki, what happens with you and your car. She moves the fish pot to left and right. Thapki’s car turns to left and right, she wonders why her car is moving in different directions. Kabir says I have a key to Rs. 5 crores Rs. He says if you answer first question then you will be directed to upper level, with a twist which will be informed later on. Sankara says now Thapki will lose her life, she will die. Kabir asks Bihaan to give his introduction to the guests and viewers. He says you might be ashamed to tell about yourself and tells that he is a goon and money collector through force

and fight. He says lets start the game, we will see what you will get it. He tells first questions….how many president India have till date since independence. He gives options…..12, 10, 15, and 9. Preeti asks Suman if she knows the answer.

Suman says she knows about 3 Prime Minister only. Dhruv says I know, but can’t help Bihaan. Kabir asks Bihaan if he wants to take help of lifelines. Bihaan says he will use phone a friend lifeline. Kabir says there is a condition, you can call only your friend whose number you remember. Bihaan says he will call Thapki. Kabir says you mean your wife, if she will help you. Bihaan says yes, she will help me if she knows answer. He asks about her number. Bihaan tells number. Kabir calls Thapki. Thapki is driving the car and says Bihaan….Kabir says you have identified him correct and tells that Bihaan is stuck with the first question and asks if she will help him. Thapki says yes and shouts. Bihaan asks if she is fine. Thapki says she is fine and asks him to tell question fast.

Bihaan tells the question. Thapki while driving the car thinks of an answer. Bihaan asks her to hurry up. Shraddha says why he chosen Thapki, she will not answer him. Vasu says she is not selfish like you. Bihaan asks her to tell fast. Thapki says 15. Kabir says time is up, and asks Bihaan if he wants to go with his ex wife’s answer. Bihaan says he will go with her answer. Kabir checks and says this answer is right. Bihaan is happy and smiles. Everyone claps for him.

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Thapki wonders if Bihaan heard her answer or not. Bihaan thinks if she is in danger. Sankara asks Neha to stop playing and make Thapki’s car die hitting on the big tree. Thapki crashes her car against the bags. Sankara and Neha are shocked. Sankara says Thapki’s destiny is good. Thapki comes out of car and goes. Kabir says we will take a break. He goes inside and tells the host that he wants to change the game rules. Host says we can’t change the rules. Kabir says I will take back sponsorship. Host agrees. Thapki comes there and asks guard to let her go inside, says she is Bihaan’s wife. He lets her in. Bihaan worries for Thapki. Vasu says she will call her. Bihaan feels her presence as she runs inside and says Thapki……Bihaan comes out and looks for her. They see each other. Ranjhana song plays………They look at each other.

Thapki is sitting on the hot seat. Kabir asks Thapki the question and rescue Bihaan’s life. She is shocked.


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