Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu calling Thapki to inform about the letter and thinks where are you, pick my call….Thapki is following Kabir’s footsteps. Kabir comes to the house and goes inside it. Thapki sees the color. Sankara comes to Vasu’s room to get the letter. Vasu turns and asks why did you come here. Sankara is speechless. Vasu says that day you was burning newspaper, to burn the letter which you had written to provoke Bihaan. Sankara tells her that she came there to get the nail cutter to cut her nails. Vasu turns to get nail cutter, Sankara tries to get the letter kept on the bed. Vasu gives her nail cutter, and says if I come to know that you are ruining happiness of the house like Kosi, then I will kick you out. Sankara turns and looks at the letter. Vasu takes the letter in

her hand. Sankara thinks if she comes to know that I had separated Bihaan and Thapki 2 years back and also tried to kill Thapki, then she will make me leave from here, I can’t let this happen and thinks to kill Vasu. Vasu calls Thapki again.

Kabir meets Neha and says it is medicine time. Neha refuses to have medicine. Kabir offers to give her chocolate. Neha gets happy. He makes her eat medicine, and gives chocolate. Neha eats chocolate. Bihaan sees Thapki somewhere in the jungle and gets doubtful. He thinks to follow her. Kabir tells Neha that Bihaan is dying day and day and he is feeling peace. He says you will be fine soon like before. Kabir comes out from that house. Sankara brings soapy water bucket and splashes in the room. She then puts the open wire in the water and connects other to the circuit box. Electricity sparks. Sankara feels pity on Vasu and says she will show letter to Thapki if she is alive. She says I am the first bahu who will kill her saas.

Thapki reaches there and sees the house. She thinks this means Kabir came to this old house and what could be inside the house. She sees the door locked. Kabir is going still. Thapki tries to open the lock with her hair pin. Kabir stumbles because of the stone and sees yellow color on his shoes. He says Thapki…and returns back to the house. He tries to open the back door and gets inside. Thapki manages to open the door with her hair pen and comes inside. She sees chocolate wrapper, plate, medicine syrup, iron chain etc. Just then she hears someone coming there and thinks who had eaten this. Bihaan also comes there.

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Vasu keeps her phone on the table. Suman tells Vasu that she couldn’t make baatis. Vasu sits near the temple to make baati. Suman asks her about the letter in her hand. Vasu asks her to learn how to make baati. Sankara thinks why she is making baatis when she couldn’t do aarti of God, as she will die soon. She takes Vasu’s phone and keeps in the room where she kept the death trap for her. Bihaan asks Thapki what she is doing here. Before Thapki could speak, Kabir comes and says I called her here. Bihaan turns and looks at him. Kabir with roses in her hand and tells that they are newly marriec couple and thought to spend some time. He sees metal chain and says oh…you wants to romance with me after tying me with it, your way of romance is very bold. Bihaan is shattered. Thapki is shocked.

Bihaan tells Kabir that he couldn’t identify the girl standing infront of him is Thapki or someone else. Thapki feels bad. Sankara comes to store room and throws Vasu’s phone on the chair. She says come here, old woman…I will see how you will be saved from water current. She says you can’t show the letter to Thapki now. She says once you die, I will become this house owner and Bihaan’s owner too. Kabir tells Thapki that she made a good plan, but it is impossible to trap him. He goes. Thapki thinks he must have tied someone here, and thinks where did he hide that person and why? She hears Vasu’s 10th miscalls and thinks why did she call me. She calls her to ask what is the matter. Vasu hears her phone ringing from the store room and thinks it might be Thapki’s call. She thinks to inform her about the letter and gets inside. Sankara smirks and awaits for Vasu to die.

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