Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Bihaan that he has won 2nd round also, and is 2 rounds away from the Prize away. He asks are you happy? Bihaan says yes, I am happy but few people are upset. Kabir says lets play. Machine starts beeping. Kabir says time is up for today and we will resume the game tomorrow. Vasu tells Bihaan that he is her Shravan Kumar, and he will win as Thapki will be with him. Bihaan asks Thapki to take care. They see Dil Se Dil Tak Promo….and tells that even their relation is without name now. Once they were in a relationship, but now. Bihaan says atleast we can see this unique show together. Kabir is angry and takes out his anger. Bihaan comes and says ghajab…and says he is seeing his anger…He says you couldn’t digest my victory. Kabir asks him to see what he

does tomorrow, he says I will change your victory to your defeat. Bihaan says Arjun’s focus was on the fish, and I am focused on my victory. Kabir says lets see who will win.

Bihaan says I will answer you. They have a cold war. Vasu asks Kabir to hold on his anger and says if you have challenged him, then get ready to accept defeat also. She asks Bihaan not to get happy about victory before he actually wins, and says it will divert your mind. She asks him to go. Kabir says my motive is also big. Thapki says I will make you win…Bihaan. Sankara scolds Preeti for giving credit to Thapki for saving Bihaan’s life and for getting him victory in 2nd round. Sankara says Bihaan have done everything and risked his life, and asks her not to give credit to Thapki. Bihaan and Vasu comes there. Bihaan says he has managed to reached here because of Thapki else wouldn’t have succeeded. Vasu asks Sankara not to tell anything against Thapki and says you are in this house because of her only. Sankara gets irked.

Neha tells Sankara that she wanted to kill Thapki as she has become trouble for her. Neha says she will kill her tomorrow after game ends, and calls someone, smiles. Next day, Kabir and Bihaan start playing the game. Sankara tells that she will support Bihaan in the next round. Vasu asks her to hear the game rules first. Kabir says what you said yesterday about Arjun focused on the fish eye. He tells you have to play similar game and needs a partner. Bihaan says he will play the game and is totally focused. Kabir explains the game and tells that he have to target the apple with knife while his partner would be standing far, and the apples would be coming and going. Vasu asks Sankara to go. Sankara says I don’t want to go, I want to live with him and support him and don’t want to die.

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Vasu says yesterday you said that you are his wife and you will only support him. She scolds her and says we were supporting him since years. Dhruv says I will go. Shraddha stops him and says you have made us pregnant and taking this risk. She says I won’t let you go. Balwinder says I will go. Vasu says I will go. Thapki says no, and says I will go. Sankara says okay, die with Bihaan’s hand. Thapki says if I die from his hand then it will be my new life. Aditi stops Thapki and says I won’t let you go. Shraddha imagines throwing knife on Aditi and hopes her dream would come true. Kabir asks who is coming to play with Bihaan, else he will lose. Thapki says I will play and says she has promised to support him for life.

Kabir tries to stop Thapki from participating, but Thapki asks him not to interfere as she is not interfering. She goes and stand far where the arrangements is made. Kabir asks Bihaan to decide if he wants to risk Thapki’s life who has made him win yesterday, and asks him to back out if he wants and says you will get the money which you have won till now. Thapki is standing. Bihaan says no, and says he will play the game, trusting on the trust which Thapki showed on him. Kabir is upset and says as you wish. He asks him to lift knife and target apple, and says your time starts now. Sankara smiles, while everyone is tensed.

Bihaan to about to throw the knife. Thapki in her heart asks Bihaan to look in her eyes. She signs that right side apple is coming first. Bihaan throws the knife. Everyone is shocked.


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