Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan hugging each other emotionally after Vasu gets injured. Sankara sees them and thinks she wants to throw other pot on Thapki’s head, but she will do this after killing Vasu. She thinks nobody will come to know that I tried to kill Thapki and killed her baby. Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other. Sankara is angry and comes to her room. She takes out mosquito repellent bottle and opens it. She takes the liquid in the injection syringe. She then thinks mosquito repellent poison will be inside you, and the trouble on me will end. She sees Nurse taking care of Vasu. She comes there and asks Nurse to drink water and get water in the jug. Nurse goes. Sankara is about to inject poisonous repellent in the glucose bottle, but just the mosquito flies near the

bottle. Sankara thinks to kill mosquito after killing Vasu. Thapki comes and calls her. Sankara is tensed and drops injection syringe on floor.

Thapki asks what you are doing here? Sankara says I was worried about Maa ji and that’s why came. I am Bihaan’s wife and bahu, and says you came here even though you are not her bahu. Thapki asks about nurse and the injection. Sankara gets tensed and says may be Nurse dropped it on floor. She takes the injection which Nurse kept in the bowl. Nurse comes. Thapki asks her if she kept this injection. Nurse takes injection. Sankara thinks it is good that life saver will be killing her. Thapki sees dead mosquitoes on floor and asks Nurse to check the injection properly. Sankara gets angry.

Dhruv cries and says Maa. Shraddha comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Dhruv doesn’t see her face and tells that his Maa didn’t gain consciousness till now. He calls her Aditi and hugs her. Just then he sees Aditi coming there and breaks the hug. Shraddha smiles. Dhruv looks on tensed.

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Dhruv tries telling Aditi…Shraddha says you can hug me too, as I am pregnant with your child too. She tells Aditi that Dhruv likes her very much now, and tells that husband likes baharwali more than wives. Aditi is shocked and angry. She asks her to stay away from her Dhruv and says what do you think that you will separate dhruv and me doing this cheap conspiracy. She says I am his love and wife, both. I am sporting Sindoor of his name and wearing mangalsutra. She says you have become bahar wali, but will not become his wife, and calls her illegitimate relation woman. Dhruv smiles and holds her hand. He thanks her for supporting him and standing with him. Aditi says you have forgotten your duties as a husband, but I will not and will always support you. She says I can forgive you, but your child’s mum will never forgive you.

Doctor checks Vasu after 5 hours and asks Nurse if she gained consciousness even once. Nurse says okay. Doctor checks her and says there is no hope. She slipped into coma because of heavy injury. Everyone is shocked, while Sankara smirks. Bihaan asks Doctor to check again. Dhruv says nothing can happen to our Maa and tells Bihaan. He asks Vasu to wake up. Bihaan asks Thapki to ask Vasu to wake up, as she is her ladli. Preeti and Suman cries asking her to wake up.

Later Thapki comes to the inhouse temple and prays to God asking him how can he do this with them. She says we are nothing without Maa and asks him to return their Maa. She asks God to make Vasu return back to life….Vasu gains consciousness….Shri ganesha deva plays…………

Vasu gains consciousness and holds her head while recalling about the letter…Thapki cries and continues to pray for her. Vasu gets up from bed holding her head. She steps down and walks out of room with much difficulty. Bhajan continues to play. Thapki says my heart is saying that Maa is fine, she will call me and hug me now itself. Just then she hears Vasu calling her…Thapki beta…Thapki turns and sees Vasu standing holding door. She thanks God and runs to her. Thapki hugs her and asks are you fine? Vasu couldn’t stand on her feet. Thapki makes her sit and says Doctor said that you was in coma. Vasu says I was not in coma and tells that whatever happened with me was not an accident and says that person who doesn’t want me to tell the truth to you have done this. Thapki asks what is the truth? Vasu tells her that Bihaan never got the letter which she had written for him. Thapki is shocked and emotional.

Vasu tells Bihaan that Thapki wants to say him something. Bihaan asks her to say. Thapki is about to tell him. Sankara and Kabir come there and looks on.


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