Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara coming to Thapki and asks if she wants to kill her Bihaan ji. She says I have done jaap, vrat and everything and have risked my life and saved Bihaan(a big lie) and you wants to kill him and get him hanged. She asks what shall I do? Shall I hold your legs…and falls on her feet. She angrily asks her to leave. Shraddha likes her acting. Sankara reminds Thapki of the letter/bond paper. Thapki is shocked. Bihaan tells Tina that Bani and her mum will leave in sometime. Bani and Tina get sad. Bani says we will not go, mamma said that we will stay here. She cries.

Tina also cries. Bani asks why you are crying and asks her not to cry. Tina says if you go then I will not feel good, don’t go. Bihaan hugs them and says something which is muted. Tina and Bani smiles.

Bani says ghajab….says it is a good idea. Tina says you are best papa of this world. Bihaan smiles and hugs them again.

Thapki recalls what Dhruv said to her and is sad. Bihaan comes to her. He tells her that he didn’t thank her till now. He says Thapki that you got this thing back to me and says he thinks that he has an strong relation with this thing. He shows the Tajmahal miniature/show piece.

A fb is shown, Thapki comes to Bihaan calling him. Bihaan asks her for a kiss. Thapki kisses on his cheek. Bihaan says only this much love. Thapki says she loves him immensely and that’s why brought the monument of love. She shows the tajmahal and asks him to keep it with him so that whenever she is not with him, he will feel her presence. Bihaan promises her that he will keep Tajmahal with him and will never forget it even he forgets everything. Fb ends. Thapki gets sad and goes. Tina and Bani say that she left without saying anything. Bihaan says I have read her eyes and she will come. Thapki thinks even though Bihaan forgot everything, but haven’t forget our love memory. She thinks how to stay back.

Shraddha comes and asks Thapki if she is leaving. She asks her to take family pic in which she is not there and asks her to keep till her last breathe. She accuses Thapki for Aditi’s death, Bihaan’s condition and Dhruv’s behavior. She asks her to get out from her house. Thapki gets sad. She comes to inhouse temple and asks God to give her right.

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She says you have to make Bihaan fine. I didn’t tell anything when you snatched my babies, and Bihaan also. She asks God to show the way. Pic falls down from Thapki’s hand. She bends down to pick the pic and hears Shraddha talking to Doctor and appreciates him for his good acting. She says we have been fooling Pandey family and giving him wrong medicine so that he don’t get well. She says actually Thapki can treat Bihaan, but we said that she is a threat to his family. Thapki hears everything and is shocked.

Shraddha gives money to Doctor and says Thapki will leave her Shiv today on mahashivratri. Thapki thanks God to showing the way and says I will stay with my Bihaan and promises to stay in the house.

Thapki is leaving the house with Bani, but falls down from the stairs and shouts. Everyone is shocked.


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