Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir giving gun to Bihaan and asks him to win the game and his life if he can. Bihaan accepts his challenge while his family try to stop him. Kabir says drum will be played. Just as it stops, they have to turn first and shoots the other fast. Drum is being played. Kabir and Bihaan with their head turn to other side. Drum stops. Kabir turns and shoots at Bihaan. Everyone is shocked and scared. Kabir asks why didn’t you shoot at me. I asked. Bihaan says if I had shot then how do I prove that I hadn’t burnt your sister Neha’s house. He says I will die, but will not do this bad thing with anyone. He gives pistol in his hand and asks him to kill him if he wants. Vasu says this is my son…and asks Bihaan to take her promise and tell him. She keeps his hand on her head.

Kabir is shocked and asks his goons to go out. Kabir and Neha leaves from there. Vasu says I was sure that Thapki will make everything fine. Bihaan says where is she? Sankara thinks you will not get Thapki, but her dead body. Bihaan tells Vasu that Thapki’s call is not ringing. Sankara tells that Thapki and Kabir are one from body and soul. She says Thapki and Kabir love each other, may be Thapki went following him. Bihaan asks her to stop her nonsense. Preeti shows the video to Bihaan and says she has made an awesome video. Vasu scolds Preeti for showing the video when they are very much worried about Thapki. Bihaan sees burqa clad women taking Thapki in car and tells she is Thapki. He sees video carefully and recalls burqa clad woman colliding with her, and Sankara telling him that she is unwell and they are taking him to hospital.

Kabir comes back and tells Bihaan that he came to return the house papers to Thapki which he made her signed. Preeti says how you will meet her, as she is kidnapped. Kabir is shocked. Bihaan says I am going to search her. Kabir says I want to come with you and says I don’t want her to get punished for others’ crime. He says please Bihaan. Bihaan says you said right that Thapki shall not be punished for anyone’s mistake. He asks him to come. Sankara and Neha get tensed. Vasu asks God to help them. Bihaan and Kabir find the taxi who took burqa clad kidnappers and asks driver about them. He says I don’t know them and runs to escape. Bihaan and Kabir follows him. They catch the driver and slap him.

Kabir asks him to tell truth. Bihaan asks who are that women, and where is Thapki. Driver says I was paid 5000 Rs. for keeping my mouth shut. Bihaan asks where is Thapki? Driver says he will take them here. Vasu calls Bihaan. Bihaan tells that they caught the driver and is going there. Sankara hears her and tell Neha that they have to shift Thapki somewhere. Vasu stops them and asks where are you going? Sankara says we are going to help Bihaan. Vasu says I will also come. Sankara says no, and tells you shall stay at home, as if Thapki returns somebody should be at home. Driver brings Kabir and Bihaan to a place and says that he dropped them here. Sankara and Neha also reach there and are worried.

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Sankara hits Neha and asks her to shout and divert their mind, so that she can shift Thapki to other place. Neha shouts. Bihaan and Kabir turns and ask she is doing here? She says I came here following you both. They ask about her wound. She says she had slipped. Kabir went to bring bandage. Bihaan searches for the house. Sankara comes to Thapki and takes her out of that room. Bihaan enters there, but finds the room empty. Sankara hides just as he is about to see him. Kabir bandages Neha. Neha screams to divert his mind. Sankara makes Thapki sit in her car and drives off. Neha tells Kabir that her wound is okay now. Bihaan comes back to Kabir and says someone have taken Thapki from here. Kabir says where, if anything happens to her. Bihaan says I won’t let anything happen to my Thapki until I am alive.

Sankara tells unconscious Thapki that she won’t let her snatch bihaan from her, and throws match stick. The fire is lighted around her chair. Thapki is still unconscious. Sankara smirks.


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