Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd January 2017 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir showing agreement papers in which the house is on Kabir’s name. Thapki checks the papers shockingly, and says how can your name appear on house papers. Kabir reminds her that he had taken her signatures on many papers when he was supporting her before. He says now I have decided who will stay her and who will not? Thapki tears the papers and throws in air. Kabir asks her to tear other xeror papers also, and says he has real papers kept somewhere else. He says Pandey family will leave in 24 hours. Thapki says until I am here in this house, nobody can snatch shelter from my family. She sees house stuff is taken by some men and also the family photo frame. She takes family photo frame from his hand. Kabir comes and snatches it from her hand, and purposely makes it fall

from the balcony. Bihaan holds it at the right time. Thapki runs to him. Bihaan says you have already broken your image which we had in our heart, what is the use of breaking this family frame. He ties Kabir and Thapki’s photo frame on the wall, and says you are owner and that’s why I hanged your photo on the wall. He calls betrayal, selfish, promise breaker etc. Sankara smiles.

Bihaan says it is good that you asked us to leave, as I don’t want to stay here even for a min. He says I will do one last thing, even though you have broken relation with me completely, but you need to end relation with my family too..He claps. Servants bring sand pots covered with cloth. He lifts the cloth from the pots. Everyone is shocked to see Babu ji, maa, bhaiyya, bhabhi and sister written on it. Bihaan asks her to break the pots and do last rites of relation with family members. He asks her to break the pot of Babu ji first. Kabir asks Thapki to break the pot and end the relation if Bihaan wanted this. He holds the pot in his hand. Balwinder looks on shockingly. Kabir throws the pot breaking it. Thapki cries badly. Kabir says I think this work is difficult for my wife, so I will do it. He holds Bhabhi pot and breaks it. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Kabir breaks sister’s pot. Aditi asks him to break the pot, and says our relation will not end if you break this pot. Bihaan says don’t forget that you have relation with us and not with her. Kabir breaks sister’s pot and is about to break Vasu/Maa’s pot.

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Bihaan stops him and asks Thapki to break the pot. Vasu asks her to stop, and says a mother’s relation can’t be broken with her daughter. Bihaan says you are supporting her even now. Vasu says yes, I am supporting her as lucky people get such dutiful bahus who accept their sasural as their maayka. She says I couldn’t forget whatever she has done. Bihaan says her intention is to betray us, and now she is kicking us out. He says I am ashamed to have relation with her in the past. Sankara smirks. Kabir acts as if he is bored. Bihaan says we will not stay here for a moment and asks her to come. Two persons come and greets Balwinder. Vasu asks them the purpose of visit. They tell that they have invited them for cricket competition of couples for their housing society. Bihaan asks them to write Kabir Katyal and his wife Thapki Katyal, as participants.

Kabir looks on and tells them that he wants to get Bihaan and Sankara’s name written for the game. Sankara smiles. Kabir says what did you say that Thapki’s intention is bad, and made me villain too. He says I want to give you a chance, and says you can take back your home, and can save your family’s respect and home, but for that you have to win this cricket match. He says if you wins, then everything is yours and if you lose then you will lose everything. Sankara smiles. Others are shocked. Kabir asks if he accepts the challenge for his family. Bihaan says I can die also for my family and accepts the challenge. Kabir thinks I will make him lose and will trouble you more than dead. They look at each other.


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