Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th August 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th August 2016 Written Episode on

The Episode starts with Bihaan opening the trunk. Thapki stops her and says for you, this may not be valuable, but for me, my husband’s belongings are very special, I will keep this. Dadi is inside trunk and sees them. Thapki says you got blind folded and can’t see truth, but I won’t neglect truth. She asks Naman to take the belongings. Bihaan leaves. Kosi gets relieved and asks Thapki to keep the items if she wants. She asks Naman to hurry up. Kosi gets John’s call and asks will you come late, come soon. Vasundara tells Thapki you saved old memories, what about old relations. Thapki says nothing will happen to old relations, I will keep this items to room. Vasundara says no, you keep this in Dadi’s room, your relation with Bihaan is facing tough time, maybe Bihaan will take these items
himself some day.


Naman asks Dadi to come out and says you maybe having fun. He ties Dadi and asks her to calm down. He says this is your house’s backside, no one comes here, stay here and sing bhajan. Dadi says my children will come and find me. He laughs and reminds the note they made her write. Thapki goes to Dadi’s room and does not find Dadi. She gets the note and gets shocked. Bau ji reads Dadi’s letter. Dadi wrote her heart is restless, she can’t see her house breaking, she wants peace and going on Chaar Dhaam yatra, don’t know when will she come back. Everyone miss Dadi. Bau ji gets pandit ji’s call and says this time we can’t keep Ganesh ji.

Vasundara takes call and tells pandit that they will place idol before mahurat. Bau ji asks her what did she do. She says let Ganesh ji come, Thapki said this house needs me, truth is house needs Lord’s blessings, Ganesh ji will take away all problems. Thapki agrees. Kosi comes and says this time I will get Ganesh ji. She says this is my family, house and son, then why will strangers place Ganesh ji. Vasundara says we have placed Ganesh ji at home every year, don’t snatch this right, this is our tradition. Kosi taunts her for losing home, this time we will get Ganesh ji.

Thapki asks will this house has fight for Lord too, Bihaan say something. Bihaan says the one whose heart is bad, this work does not suit you. Vasundara accepts challenge and says we will place Ganesh ji. Shraddha asks who will decide this. Sankara says the one who gets Ganesh ji before mahurat will place Ganesh ji at home. Kosi says for the first time, Sankara said right, so decision is done, one who gets idol first will get chance to place it.


John comes late and says sorry, I came late, why are you awake. Shraddha says I did not get sleep, Kosi and Vasundara are competing to get Ganesh ji. He says its small thing. She says there is issue around everything here. He says you are funny. She says you are making fun of me. She says no, I m complimenting you, your smile is sweet. She says no one complimented me. She thanks him. He goes. She says sweet smile and gets glad….

Thapki looks at the sky. Bihaan rests outside in balcony. Thapki cries. Paas aaye………… hamari adhuri kahani…………plays………….They recall each other. Bihaan cries and says we are not together today. Thapki says I m always with you, standing with your family is standing with you. Bihaan says this is not my family.

John asks who agreed to give me kidney. Naman says it does not matter, you will get fine. Kosi says you will not go away from us. John jokes and goes to give good news to his friends. Naman asks Kosi about tomorrow’s challenge. Kosi smiles and asks him to see what happens. Sankara goes to Bihaan and asks is he upset that he is crying, shall I tell a joke. She tells elephant and mouse’s story. She says the morale that sometimes we have to go against loved ones for their good. He says you said right, sometimes we have to go against loved ones for their good. Vasundara tells the same thing to Thapki and says Ganesh ji will make everything fine, Bihaan will understand this.

Vasundara gets shocked seeing the house messed up and get worried. Thapki calms her down. Vasundara, Suman, Preeti ask Thapki to go and get Ganesh ji. Bihaan says I will also leave and get Ganesh ji. He asks for John. Kosi says he is sleeping. Kosi tells Bihaan that its about their respect, they have to get Ganesh ji. Vasundara says its about our traditions, we will get Ganesh ji first. Both families leave.

Suman and Preeti go to old room to get broom. Dadi is locked up there.

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