Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that she was unaware that he read the letter. Vasu asks him to read the letter and gives in his hand. Bihaan reads the letter. Ranjhana song plays………………Bihaan asks if this letter is written by Thapki. Vasu says yes. Bihaan says who told you about this letter, and says you are betrayed again. He says I know Thapki’s hand writing very well and this hand writing is not hers. Thapki checks the letter and says this is not the letter which I had written for you. Sankara smirks and thinks of getting the letter, and replacing it with fake letter. She thinks this letter is written by me and have replaced it with mine. Thapki says this is not my hand writing, but these reports are mine….she shows her pregnancy report and says when I left home,
I was pregnant. Sankara smirks.

Bihaan sees the report and tells it is blood report. He asks where it was written that you are pregnant. Sankara recalls changing the pregnancy report with blood testing report. Thapki tells him that someone has changed the reports. Sankara smirks. Bihaan asks her to stop it. He says you are lying again and again. Thapki says no, and tells that she is not lying. Bihaan says even my heart is not agreeing to your words, I don’t trust you. Thapki says I hurt you very much, but I am apologizing for the same. He thinks Thapki apologizing to him and says now I understood why you was apologizing to me. He shows Kabir and her pics and says you apologized to me for consummating your marriage with Kabir. He says kabir is your husband, do whatever you want, but did you exhibit this all.

Shraddha says enough Thapki and says you are lying. She says Bihaan loved you, but you have punished him again and again. Vasu asks her to be in limits. Shraddha says no, I will speak today and says nobody supported him but I will support him as you are wrong. She says he tried to save his relation with you, but you have snatched his happiness and spent time with other. She provokes him against Thapki. Bihaan asks her to stop and says now I will not cry. He throws dhol on floor angrily and burns it. Everyone is shocked. Sankara smirks. Thapki looks on crying. Bihaan says when you can stay without me, then Bihaan Pandey can live without you too….He says now I will not stay with you. Thapki cries. Shraddha smiles. Aditi is shocked. Kabir looks on. Vasu stands shockingly. Bihaan tells Thapki that once she asked him to marry Sankara, if she marries Kabir. He says I have never approve my marriage or yours. When you have completed your marriage, I will also complete my incomplete marriage. Shraddha smiles broadly. Sankara smirks happily.

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Vasu asks what you are saying? Are you in your senses? Bihaan says I came in my senses because of this new Thapki and her new avatar. He says everyone moved on in their life, but I was stuck with my Thapki. He says I had enough of cry. Vasu says there is a misunderstanding. Bihaan says everything is cleared now, and Bihaan and Thapki are separated now, whom thought to each other as life. He says they have separated. Thapki looks on shockingly. Bihaan walks away from her. A sad song plays………………….mohabbat bhi zaruri thi…Thapki recalls all their romantic moments. Bihaan goes to inhouse temple and takes a pinch of sindoor with his fingers. Sankara smiles. Thapki is shocked. Shraddha smiles. Bihaan comes to Thapki, and tells that Sankara will stay in his life from today onwards. He pulls Sankara closer.

Sankara smiles and looks at him. Thapki cries. Bihaan fills Sankara’s maang with sindoor. Thapki recalls Bihaan filling her maang and closes her eyes. Bihaan fills Sankara’s maang with sindoor. Everyone is shocked. Kabir looks on sad for Thapki. Sankara takes mangalsutra tied to her pallu and says she kept it with her always for this auspicious day. Bihaan makes her wear mangalsutra looking at Thapki. Sankara smiles. Thapki cries and recalls Bihaan making her wear mangalsutra. Vasu also cries. Everyone gives mixed reactions. Thapki looks at Sankara’s mangalsutra.
Sankara tells Kabir that he should concentrate on his motive and there is nothing beyond it. Kabir cries feeling bad for Thapki. Sankara asks him to apply ointment on his wound. Thapki tells Vasu that she will expose Kabir Katyal.


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